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Care to share "25 Random Things About Me" 2014 version?

Asked by jca (35976points) June 28th, 2014

This was done in 2009 and 2010.

List 25 random things about yourself. Whatever you feel like listing – it’s your list.

Here’s the one from 2009:

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1. I’m just a girl.
2. I’m just a student.
3. I want to be more than just that.
4. Overreacting is one thing I want to give up but can’t.
5. I love playing.
6. I like helping people.
7. I want something exciting for my life.
8. I’m not normal and I accept that.
9. I have finished all my tests and now I’m enjoying my summer holiday.
10. I’m listening to music.
11. I’m recently worried for Dr. Jelly.
12. Some friends just dropped in at my home. We had a great time.
13. Maybe I need to learn how to let go of the past.
14. I’m lazy.
15. I love animals, as long as they don’t annoy me.
16. I don’t want to have any enemies, but sometimes it’s inevitable.
17. I dreamed about Fluther last night.
18. I have a teddy bear whose name is Nick. He is on the bed.
19. I love sleeping.
20. Maybe the best description of me is: someone with some common senses.
21. I enjoy being here. Don’t die, Dr. Jelly!
22. I’m not a Mafioso, I just play one on the net.
23. I wonder if I offend someone here without any knowledge?
24. I wish I could add 25 more facts.
25. I have finished crafting a response on this thread.

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1. [classified]
2. [classified]
3. [classified]
4. [classified]
5. [classified]
6. [classified]
7. [classified]
8. [classified]
9. [classified]
10. [classified]
11. [classified]
12. [classified]
13. [classified]
14. [classified]
15. [classified]
16. [classified]
17. [classified]
18. [classified]
19. [classified]
20. [classified]
21. [classified]
22. [classified]
23. [classified]
24. [classified]
25. [classified]

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1. There are 24 other random things about me

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1. I live in South Carolina.
2. I married my high school boyfriend.
3. I’m a legal assistant.
4. I know a lot about nutrition and fitness.
5. I lift heavy weights at 5AM and I hate cardio.
6. I’m easily annoyed.
7. I plan to try to get pregnant toward the beginning of next year.
8. I’m a college graduate.
9. I have brown hair and brown eyes.
10. Two guys being intimate with each other turns me on.
11. I enjoy tanning by the pool.
12. I have a dog and a cat that keep my house covered in a layer of fur.
13. I should be taking a shower and getting ready, but I’m doing this instead.
14. I love food; eating is my favorite hobby and I can put it away.
15. I wear a lot of makeup to fool others into thinking I don’t have much on at all, and it works.
16. I have a lot of gynecological issues and go to the OBGYN more than any woman should.
17. I don’t have much of a libido.
18. Despite #17, I give a mean BJ.
19. My house needs to be cleaned.
20. I have a lesbian sister and an incarcerated brother.
21. I only talk to one person from high school.
22. I enjoy making spreadsheets and planning workouts/meals way too far in advance.
23. I’m going to have blueberry waffles for breakfast today.
24. I have strong opinions and a big mouth.
25. I can’t sleep without a fan blowing on me.

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1. I’m almost 19.
2. I like math.
3. I plan on teaching math in an underprivileged school.
4. I have a New England accent.
5. I’ve lived in four different US states.
6. I’ve been working out for almost 6 years now but I’m still really thin.
7. I like drawing buildings, specifically schools.
8. I like organizing and scheduling things.
9. I work at a hotel.
10. I hate dogs.
11. My initials are not DXS.
12. I keep my window open almost always.
13. I like playing the guitar and the piano and maybe a few other instruments.
14. I played mallet percussion instruments in high school.
15. I hate elevators. Stairs are a good work out anyway.
16. I like neither garlic nor onions.
17. I think A LOT. So much that it often keeps me up at night.
18. Some numbers I like: 0, sqrt(2), 9, 51, 78, 110, 306, 447
19. Of all of those, 78 is my favorite number.
20. There are some good looking people currently out my window.
21. I’m studying in college for a math degree and minoring in Spanish.
22. I’m not very social but being ignored bothers me.
23. Fluther is my second third mother.
24. I love shopping at thrift stores—it’s almost the only stores I shop at.
25. I don’t like eating “breakfast foods”. I eat “lunch/dinner” stuff in the morning just as I do for any other meal.

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Well hot diggitydawg, slap me with a brush & paint me sideways, will you look at that?
The posted link in the details shows a happy, pleasant, friendly, but above all SOCIAL thread.
People more than happy to share personal stuff & learn more about their jelly pals, even our sainted ex manager states her joy at such a social gathering of minds.
All this done way back in early 2009, almost a whole year before the much maligned introduction of us Answerbag refugees, long since blamed for the sites drop in standards.
Funny dat :)

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1. While writing this, I am eating a meringue ghost I made from scratch.
2. I just taught my dog to enjoy peanut butter.
3. I’ve heard dogs should not eat peanut butter.
4. I’m introverted.
5. I am organized, but rarely punctual.
6. My place is a mess.
7. I’m a vegetarian and have been since I was five.
8. When I’m trying to fall asleep, I lie flat on my stomach without a pillow.
9. I’m a law student, but hardly ever in class.
10. I am thinking about training assistance dogs when I “grow up”.
11. I have a high number of little responsibilities, and I obsess about these for no reason.
12. I spent much of my student years in alternative schools.
13. I lived in South Korea for a while, when I was a teen.
14. I never had a lot of friends as a kid, but now, I do.
15. I am the oldest of three girls.
16. I have a very connected family. We see each other a lot.
17. I don’t like change.
18. I’m going to Sweden for the holidays.
19. I’ve written a novel a few years ago, but never got it published.
20. I am a good teacher, and I like children.
21. I can influence my moods pretty well.
22. When I drop something, I never get worked up. I quietly clean up the mess.
23. I don’t drink, which was hard when I was a teen.
24. I’m a girl, but I don’t wear make-up or notice when my friends have been to the hairdresser.
25. I like learning things by heart.

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1) I love my kids.
2) I love my grandkids
3) I have 9 grandkids
4) I have 3 kids
5) I have 2 dogs.
6) One of the dogs sleeps in the bed with us.
7) I was born in Texas
8) Spent my early years in Florida
9) I hope to become a paralegal sometime soon.
10) I’m a teacher
11) My favorite job was teaching convicts at the jail.
12) When I was a young teenager I had a horse.
13) Went horseback riding for the first time in decades a couple of weeks ago.
14) I was tickled when horseback riding all came back to me. I hadn’t forgotten how!
15) I was really sore the next day.
16) I like to play WWF.
17) I don’t really like trying new foods.
18) I usually “special order” my foods.
19) Don’t know if I can make it to 25
20) We have an attic fan, and the weather has been perfect for using it.
21) I like to sleep
22) My favorite TV shows are things like Nature, Discovery, NOVA
23) My favorite movies are Sea Biscuit and Apollo 13.
24) I didn’t realize what a bad speller I was until spell check came along!
25) I’m amazed I came up with 25 things to say.
26) Have I mentioned my grandkids?

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1. I don’t smoke and never smoked.
2. I don’t really drink much alcohol – I will on occasion but never when I’m home alone and usually not when I’m with friends, either
3. My “drink of choice” is coffee or tea in morning, water the rest of the day (occasionally a diet soda)
4. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in History
5. I have 4 cats, which I think is 2 too many, but I can’t get rid of any as they’re now part of the family.
6. I really like being home alone on a Saturday, where I have all day to do what I want
7. I’m almost always working on a craft or a project or doing something around the house
8. I had weight loss surgery
9. I recommend weight loss surgery for people who need to lose a lot of weight
10. I like to shop on line and in store, but won’t buy unless it’s a great sale price
11. I eat Greek yogurt with walnuts every day for breakfast
12. I don’t gamble at all, except the occasional lottery ticket (twice a year maybe)
13. My favorite place to be is on the deck, in nice weather with a glass of water, under the big patio umbrella.
14. I almost always wear make up when I’m out
15. My child was naturally conceived and I gave birth at age 41 (which is considered ancient).
16. I am happy that I had a girl and not a boy
17. I love to travel
18. I have been to Ireland 3 times but have not yet been to the rest of Europe.
19. I’ve also traveled to Mexico, Hawaii, California, Las Vegas and too many other states to name
20. Every year I go to Cape Cod with my family. That’s been since I was 18.
21. One day I’d like to do a road trip from California, through Oregon and Washington and up to Canada.
22. My best friend is someone I have known since I was 3 (which is 45 years).
23. I am an animal lover
24. I am finding that 25 things about me is a lot to come up with.
25. I am hoping that my list is not too boring or mundane for people to read.

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I wanna go to Ireland!

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I answered this back in the day. I’ll give a quick answer to this one.

1. I miss 25 former users who answered that old question.

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1. I have grapheme-color synesthesia which means that, inside my weird brain, numbers and letters and other symbols have innate “colors.” For example, 3 is a green number and if you disagree you’re wrong.
2. I once went 2 months without eating.
3. I really want to learn to weld for some reason. I looove to solder.
4. This fall I will be taking a class to get certified as a first responder.
5. I am stupidly obsessed with birds and quite good at identifying them. People think it’s weird.
6. I have performed stand-up comedy twice and probably will do it a third time next year.
7. I have received 12 blood transfusions. One of my most important bucket list items is to donate enough to at least break even but hopefully reach a positive contribution.
8. However I have yet to get within 10 pounds of the weight limit for donation, so that goal is not going too well.
9. My interests and skills are diverse and I wish I could find some way to make a living by being a “jill of all trades” instead of trying to master my major field.
10. I’m stupidly in love for the first time. He’s napping next to me right now.
11. I was valedictorian of my high school class, but my overachieving days are over.
12. I am really uncoordinated and bad at every sport except, strangely, I am a great skier. This would not be so if my parents hadn’t started me out young.
13. I work as a tutor of differential equations during the school year.
14. I met my best friend at the beginning of pre-school, so we have now been friends for 19 years.
15. I never went through the “rebellious teenager” phase and have always considered my parents to be two of my best friends.
16. I have written one novel and am midway through its sequel. I don’t have any formal training in writing so it may be a long shot, but I’d like to get them published someday maybe.
17. I never touched alcohol until I was 19 but it’s kind of been a love affair ever since.
18. I have migrated friend groups three times in as many years at college. I’m not sure what this says about me.
19. I was a physics major, and then I let myself get intimidated by it it, and I switched to computer science, which is not as much of a passion for me but probably a smarter life choice. I still hope to get a physics degree someday.
20. I paint digitally. My boyfriend does too, and we paint some really cool collaborations at times. It’s great fun.
21. I was very introverted in high school, but I have changed a lot in college. I’m not sure what to call myself anymore. I’m a weird introvert-extrovert mix now.
22. My best friend at college is my roommate. We have waaaayyyyy too much fun at our apartment.
23. I’ve played piano since I was five but I’m still not good at it. I recently realized that learning from sheet music, which is what I was taught, is not my learning style. I’ve been practicing playing by ear for a few years now and I’m getting a lot better (though still not great).
24. I also play oboe. I’m better at that, but don’t find it as fun.
25. I make all my own jewelry. It’s fun to do, cheaper, and I like the results more than store-bought stuff.

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1. I am a left handed, right brained blonde. Be afraid, be very afraid.
2. My driving will scare you.
3. I love cats, geese and horses, not necessarily in that order.
4. I am mentally high energy and have a brain like a pinball machine.
5.I have a great sense of humor.
6. I am a perfect blend of extrovert/introvert/
7. I cannot drive a 4 speed car. ( Remember, left handed/right brained= highly creative but lacking in motor skills.) lol
8. I hate balls. I cannot throw, hit, catch, swing a golf club. Do not ask me, to ever engage in sports involving balls. This includes balls attached to men these days too. haha
9. I talk waaaay too much when I am nervous.
10. I hate passive aggressive types and love to mess with them.
11. I hate rare meat, gag…who the hell likes bloody raw Prime Rib anyway?!!!
12. I am a nature and animal nut.
13. I am a walking trivia book and knowledge seeking personality type. Ask me just about anything and I will be able to converse to one degree or another.
14. I love sweets. I would get in a car with a stranger if they have cheesecake.
15.I like to garden and love flowers.
16. I am very good natured and usually cheerful unless under extreme stress, then I can be irritable and impatient.
17. I enjoy offbeat people and unusual interests.
18. My secret fantasy is to do stand up comedy.
19. I do not do well with knives and fire, such as chopping up veggies and lighting candles while drinking wine. Right brained blonde thing again, the ditzy and absent minded side of me takes over.
20. I am not very self disciplined. I can be, but it takes a lot of effort. haha
21. I have to have fresh ait in the house, windows open and cannot stand people that never air their houses out.
22. I like to travel and explore new places.
23. I am very creative and love to do creative things.
24. I am a closet writer.
25. I am hungry now, sooo…it’s a wrap. Literally, a sushi wrap. lol

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1. I’m an asshole.
2. That’s all.
3. Lol.

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@Symbeline Dang it, that was my answer!

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@Coloma “10. I hate passive aggressive types and love to mess with them. ”
Oh believe me messing with them is my specialty.

Berserker's avatar

@Michael_Huntington I stole it. Cuz I’m an ass! :D

Coloma's avatar

@dxs We’d make a great tag team… Co-worker:” Oooh, I guess I’ll just have to do that myself”...Guess so, have fun. lol

dxs's avatar

@Coloma “I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” Well it looks like I’m maybe going to tend to have to quite possibly ask you to shut up!

Coloma's avatar

—-^^^ LOL—

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1. I’m color blind.
2. I’m so lazy, people say I don’t finish anyth

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2. I become annoyed when I can’t find a gas station or store that doesn’t sell unsweetened or unflavored bottled tea. Why does it all have to be sweetened or flavored with lemon, strawberry or acai?
3. I sleep with four pillows.
4. I enjoy post-apocalyptic movies and books.
5. I hate traveling by plane. I prefer cars or trains.
6. I have four sisters and I do have a favorite.
7. My guilty pleasure is SyFy original movies.
8. I like taking pictures of clouds.
9. If a morning person means sleeping in and drinking coffee for an hour before doing physical labor then yeah, that’s me. I’m a morning person.
10. I trim my own hair.
11. I’ve been told I have a pleasant sounding voice. It’s great for customer service and sales over the phone.
12. I’d rather eat durian every day for lunch than be a salesperson.
13. Dogs are cute, but I prefer cats.
14. I’m that quiet girl standing behind the crowd. Please don’t think I’m unapproachable with that resting bitch face of mine. I don’t bite. I just need a chance for someone to break the ice.

the last ten will need to wait. thanks for reading.

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1. I love old kitchen utensils and seek them out at thrift stores (you know, like tea balls and potato mashers and hand held egg beaters)

2. I love wet dog noses.

3. I love to draw, but rarely do it anymore.

4. I’ve been known to have people who are driving me somewhere (mostly my brother) to pull over because I just saw something neato that I have to photograph.

5. Even though I’m not thrilled with okra, I will keep trying it in new presentations and preparations, and so far I’ve actually found two that I liked.

6. Although I am not a Christian, I love Christian Choir music like This

7. In addition to finding recipes for people, I also make up my own recipes, in fact I just entered one into a contest. Cross your fingers!

8. I’d rather watch British period dramas than a baseball game or any other sport for that matter, except for figure skating. This is one of the best figure skating programs I’ve ever seen.

9. I’m a pretty healthy eater, but sometimes I just crave cheesy nachos with jalapeños (and I hope I don’t get modded for using a foreign term)

10. Cat and dog tummies are some of my favorite things.

11. Every now and then, I have to get up into the mountains or else I fear I shall go mad.

12. Like last night, I sometimes dream that I am ice skating (I skated as a kid) but mostly I have nightmares about completely random stuff, but then I forget about them when I wake up. But the ice skating dream was divine, there was also a cute guy involved : P He was wearing burgundy colored corduroy pants, with a brown leather belt. I could just see a sliver of a white dress shirt peaking out above his belt. The he was wearing a plaid sweater vest and he kind of looked like This Guy, but not exactly.

13. Whenever I go out to eat, I always photograph my meal and write mini restaurant reviews on my Facebook page. Most of my relatives and friends are into food, just like I am. I love looking at pictures of good food almost as much as I love eating good food.

14. I enjoy going on day trips with my brother. We usually pick a place within 100 miles of our town, that we either went to as kids, or someplace we’ve never been. We like to look at and photograph architecture, gardens, and public art. We usually figure out a bunch of places to eat, ahead of time, and wherever we find ourselves at lunchtime, we pick one of those places. Unless of course, if we spot some place that’s really keen along the way. When we’re driving along the interstate, we often play This Game. Hilarity ensues.

15. I actually enjoy talking with people while waiting in a long line at the grocery store. I’ve met some really nice people that way.

16. My best friend, who lives in another city, and I will often show up to meet each other wearing an almost identical outfit. We never plan it that way, but it happens most of the time.

17. My Mom and I binge watched Monarch of the Glen and Doc Martin and thanks to @gailcalled Midsomer Murders

18. I watch The Big Bang Theory in re-runs with my Dad, over and over and over, and we both still laugh hysterically. It’s probably the funniest show I’ve ever seen.

19. My dream vacation is to both camp at Yosemite, and then stay at the Ahwahnee Hotel

20. The idea of being in a cabin in the woods with a tin roof, while it’s raining, with a cup of hot Earl Grey tea, a good book, and a kitty actually makes me giddy.

21. I buy most of my clothes from thrift stores.

22. I’d like to have one of These

23. I am a vegetarian, an Anglophile, and a cunning linguist and I’m not afraid to admit it.

24. I never want to travel into space, nor do I ever plan to fly on a plane again. I love me some terra firma (and I hope not to get modded for this foreign term, either).

25. For dinner tonight I’m going to make some homemade baked macaroni and cheese with Trader Joe’s Caramelized Onion Cheddar Cheese, and mushrooms sautéed with shallots.

Dutchess_III's avatar

I like vintage kitchen stuff too!

Coloma's avatar

@Kardamom I LOVE those vintage Airstreams too!

Kardamom's avatar

@Coloma I found this artist called David Lloyd that made a series of paintings of Airstream Trailers. I just can’t believe how he is able to make them look so shiny.

@Dutchess_III I’ve been on the lookout for one of these Egg Beaters. My Grandma had one, with the pink handle just like this one, and my brother inherited it when she passed away around 1983. He’s moved several times since then, and no one knows what happened to it : (

Dutchess_III's avatar

We used to have one of those! They’re cool. Hey. I’ll keep my eyes open at auction. That’s the best place to find stuff like that.

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1. I work as a dog trainer, it is my dream job.

2. I love lighthouses and have many pictures, ornaments and other lighthouse memorabilia all around my flat.

3. My favourite animals are cows/bovine types (bison, buffalo as well as your your average milk cow, I love them all)

4. My favourite breed of dog is the Skye Terrier.

5. My favourite place in the world is Loch Ness in Scotland.

6. My second favourite place in the world is Nashville.

7. I am lucky enough to say that I have had a number of my dreams come true.

8. I have seen Barbra Streisand in concert four times (just seeing her once was a dream come true for me, I feel blessed to have been able to see her more than that though!)

9. I was bullied at school because of my music taste. I am currently feeling rather smug that Dolly Parton (one of the reasons that kids at school picked on me) was such a success at Glastonbury. I hope the bullies saw her and enjoyed it!!!

10. In case no. 9 didn’t give you a clue, I love country music and wish it was more popular over here in the UK.

11. I live half hour’s drive away from Stonehenge.

12. I love history.

13. A cup of hot tea is one of my simple comforts.

14. I wish I had learned to play the violin…

15. Although my favourite instrument is bagpipes.

16. I recently started pole dancing lessons.

17. I love whiskey.

18. I am currently reading Patsy Cline’s biography.

19. I am worried about getting older.

20. I have a pet tortoise called Agnes.

21. One of my guilty pleasures is MacDonalds even though I know it’s shit.

22. I have a Jack Russell who is blind.

23. I love fruit as long as it’s not in cake! I love cake as long as there’s no fruit in it!

24. I like my steak blue.

25. I have always been indifferent to the idea of marriage, I would even go so far as to say that I don’t really agree with marriage. However, my boyfriend and I have recently found ourselves discussing marriage and I hate to say it but I’m excited about it!

dxs's avatar

26. I have no control over my laughter. If I find it funny, I’ll laugh.

Coloma's avatar


What the heck is blue steak???? perplexed and baffled

OpryLeigh's avatar

It’s less cooked than rare basically!!

Coloma's avatar

@Leanne1986 Ewww….bloody blue steak ey” haha
So, would that be one step above steak tartar and one step below rare?
Cannibal girl. lol

livelaughlove21's avatar

@Leanne1986 “It’s less cooked than rare basically!!”

So…raw. Ew.

ragingloli's avatar

It is RAW! You DONKEY!

Coloma's avatar

^^^ LOL That guy is such a dick!

Berserker's avatar

Lmao, nice.

Dutchess_III's avatar

27. I like mayo on my hamburger, along with ketchup and onions.
28. I only like mustard on hamburgers and in potato salads. I also use a little in my baked beans.

OpryLeigh's avatar

Seriously, you guys have never heard of people having their steak blue? Here’s a pretty good explanation.

livelaughlove21's avatar

^That picture nearly made me gag.

I’ve never eaten steak with anyone that ordered theirs any less cooked than medium rare. Even that grosses me out. I don’t eat meat that’s still bleeding.

Coloma's avatar

@livelaughlove21 Agreed, medium well is my style too, more well than medium, I don’t want to see any pink at all.

Dutchess_III's avatar

@Leanne1986….that was simply a rare steak. That looked good. I eat my medium rare, though. I want the center to be at least a little warm.

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