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What dictionary does your iPad browser use?

Asked by zenzen (4057points) June 28th, 2014

Let’s say its safari. Regardless, my question pertains to the fact that auto correct seems to be weird; fluther, a word in English like gaggle or herd changes automatically to flutter, with many more examples where that came from.

Why does the feature assume you mean something else, when the word you have typed is a perfectly good one.

Names notwithstanding, shouldn’t the correct feature not suggest anything if the word is in the oxford fucking dictionary?

Why do I constantly have to double click on every other word, not to mention names which can be exotic, phonetic or foreign?

I could turn it off, I know, this is not what I’m asking.

Bonus lure if you can explain to me, here or in IM, how to quote teach my autocorrect names, words I prefer spelt a certain way and what have you.

Thanks collective, lurve on.

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Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Add Shortcut.

Type the word you want to teach auto correct to ignore into the phrase box and click save.

You can also add a shortcut so you don’t need to type the whole word so for example I have a shortcut for my email address so I don’t need to type the whole damn thing in every time.

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I reset the autocorrect dictionary periodically, when it starts acting wonky. It is native to the iOS and stored locally. Needing to reset was a greater issue for me in earlier versions of iOS, but I haven’t needed to do it since version 7 came out.
Settings > General > Reset (at the bottom of the page) > Reset Keyboard Dictionary

I also have shortcuts for my emails and phrases I commonly use, but I suggest resetting the keyboard first, because those common words shouldn’t be messing up.

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