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Internet connected, but only google works.

Asked by Grim (384points) March 31st, 2009

Before I begin let me just start by saying when it comes to computers I’m pretty much clueless, and giving complicated advise will only befuddle me :(

ok so I recently bought a brand new alien ware computer, and it has vista on it. After much trial and error I finally got my wireless internet connected. Re-assured of my connection from the five little green bars saying “excellent signal strength”, I sat down and was ready to meet the sweet embrace of online game addiction. BUT it wouldnt let me sign into my account :( opened up firefox to test if any webpages would load, but only google would work… I even tried entering words into googles search bar to see if it would work, and it did! But whenever I would click a link outside of google the page says loading and is just white… I tried searching (on google ;) for somebody who had the same problem as me, but all of the solutions I found either didnt work, or the confusing computer lingo gave me a headache…. so I guess my question would be: Has anybody else had similar problems? If so how did you solve them? and if you have never had this problem but think you might have something helpful to contribute I beg you to answer my plea for help! :(

and incase you tried to avoid the wall of text I’ll just sum it up for you.
My internet connection is fine (so it says)
only google will work

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How are you here?

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Im on my notebook. The wireless connection that wont work on my desktop is the one I’m using now, which just confuses me more xD

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Stupid Q, but your desktop has a wireless card? Also, do you use any antivirus software? If so, which? Is your firewall turned on?

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I put in my own wireless card from my last comp. Currently it has the trial version of McAfee and yes my firewall is turned on.

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Perhaps you need to change some firewall settings.

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such as?
Ive been browsing around on the settings and I cant find anything out of place, or something that would limit internet connectivity to only google :(

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Turn off your firewall completely, if you can access things fine after that, you’ve located the problem. Then fiddle with the settings until you’re comfortable with security without giving up accessibility.

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Just disabled the firewall but still couldnt access websites besides google…

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Try disabling your Mcafee for 5 minutes, and then open browser and check.

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When you disable the firewall, restart your browser.

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Was this problem ever fixed? My PC will go to any website when I physically plug it into my wireless router but when I unplug it and attempt to use the Internet via the Wireless router (Using Wireless) it will only let me go to Google. So if it’s physically plugged in, it’s fine. If I try to connect using Wireless then the PC only allows me to search on the Google webpage or go to GMAIL but not to any other websites. Any advice?

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Same thing is happening to me. I haven’t fixed it yet but I’m almost positive it has to do with Comcast and ipv6 DNS addresses. Try to use a Windows XP machine if you can (as it just uses TCP/IP 4) and see what happens. Everyone i’ve seen that has this problem seems to have Win7 and Comcast.

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