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What is your favorite sandwich?

Asked by Kardamom (30916points) June 30th, 2014

I see that this question hasn’t been asked since 2010, and we’ve had quite a turnover of Jellies since then, so I shall ask it again, today.

The reason I’m asking is because I recently found This Sandwich and it got my mouth to watering.

So folks, tell me about some of your favorite sandwiches. Maybe it’s one that you invented yourself, maybe your Mom used to make a particular sandwich for you when you were growing up, or maybe you ate a really great sandwich in a restaurant recently. Tell me about it.

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Grilled Velveeta on white bread.

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Me, and two pool boys. Sorry, the sailor in me pops up without warning sometimes.

Tender grilled chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, avocado, more bacon, tomato (but only if it’s meaty and not mostly seeds).
Even so, I’m always JONESN4BURGERS!

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A me sandwich.

See also: Cuddle puddle.

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Still peanut butter on whole grain but both pieces have to be buttered from crust to crust before the peanut butter is slathered on. Also, the pieces have to be sequential and situated so that the crust aligns perfectly

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@rojo I can’t say that I’ve ever eaten a peanut butter sandwich with regular butter too. Guess I’ll be trying that soon.

@SecondHandStoke Hee Hee. Cuddle puddle.

@Jonesn4burgers How does This Burger sound? I got almost woozy looking at it’s yumminess.

@johnpowell Do you like to have tomato soup with that?

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Ham and Swiss on Jewish Rye Bread with iceberg lettuce, French’s Mustard and mayonnaise, served with chocolate milk.

Corned beef on rye with mustard, that’s it.

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Mashed and salted avocado on plain or lightly salted rice cakes. I have it every day. MMmm!

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@zenvelo Even though I am a vegetarian, I still have fond memories of those two sandwiches. Isn’t it funny that in some cases, iceberg lettuce is better than any of the fancy lettuces?

My best friend and I used to get hot pastrami sandwiches from one of the delis in the Fairfax district in Los Angeles, it wasn’t Canters, because I’ve had theirs and it was just so-so. I vaguely recall that it might have been called Hollywood Deli, although in a Google search there is no such place, but then again, this was pre- 1990 so it may have closed, but that sandwich was the perfect pastrami sandwich, all hot and juicy and just the right amount of saltiness. I’ve yet to find a vegetarian version of pastrami that tastes anything like the real thing, but that’s OK.

@snowberry Yum! That sounds fantastic, and healthy!

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cold PB and J with sliced bananas. Crust removed

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Lately, it’s been toasted sourdough with turkey bacon, mushrooms and onions (cooked in the bacon grease with a light dash of olive oil, salt, and pepper), swiss cheese, and whatever meat is leftover from yesterday’s meal (usually chicken.) If I have a heartier mushroom, then I don’t add extra meat to the sandwich.

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I’m more of a wrap person rather than sandwich. The sandwhich I make most often is pretty basic but always yummy, grilled chicken breast, pesto, fresh jersey tomatoes bacon and mozzarella cheese melted over it.

I’d LOVE to try this burger some day.

@Kardamom Have you ever read the modernist cuisine? That’s where the burger above came from, I think you would really enjoy that book. It’s a lot of the science behind cooking as well as a ton of great recipes and beautiful images.

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@talljasperman Do you like to have that sandwich fried, Elvis Presley style?

@muppetish Hmmm, it’s almost like a BLT without the L or the T LOL, and the addition of the schrooms, well maybe it’s not, but it still sounds great. Swiss cheese is soooooooo good.

@El_Cadejo I too love wraps, especially with the addition of pesto! No I haven’t read that book, I shall look it up. Thanks for the tip : )

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One without sand

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@Kardamom :: Of course. It is like being in the third grade all over again.

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Anyone made by @bob_.

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@Kardamom I’m always negletful of my greens. When I have spinach or romaine on hand, I add it, but I’m generally not very good about keeping a healthy dose of veggies in my diet. I recently came around to Swiss :) It’s not my favourite, but it’s such a versatile cheese (and I do love me some good cheese.)

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@gailcalled Where is @bob? Thought he’d be here by now.

@muppetish Check out this Sandwich for a good dose of greens and cheese. The addition of the avocado raises it up to something almost divine.

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Sliced strong onion, thinly sliced strong cheese, tomato, and a good layer of watercress and a dash of mayonnaise between two goodly culfs (yes it’s a slang Welsh word ) of freshly baked white bread

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@ZEPHYRA I make something kind of like Sloppy Sams (If that doesn’t sound NSFW I don’t know what does LOL). I use Morning Star Farms Fake Ground Beef in to which I pour my favorite BBQ sauce and add diced tomatoes and onions and heat through. It’s so flippin’ good!

@DAVEJAY100 I totally forgot about watercress! I had proper English watercress tea sandwiches in Bath in 1986. I totally fell in love with watercress.

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Depends on my mood, really. Probably a turkey sub, extra provolone or Swiss, lettuce, tomato, mayo.
Why did you have to ask this now?? I’m starving. It’s almost 3 and i haven’t eaten anything! And now I want a turkey sub! But my husband left about 5 minutes ago to get a burger from Wendys. BUT I WANT A SUB NOW!!!

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@Zephyra I grow my own watercress, fantastically easy,

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@ragingloli Even if it was a Sand Witch?

@Dutchess_III And you just said the other magic cheese word: Provolone!!! I too haven’t had lunch yet. Guess I’ll be having a sandwich today.

@DAVEJAY100 I live in Southern California, do you think it’s too hot to grow watercress here?

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@Kardamom I’ve never heard of them being fried.

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I’m not crazy about sandwiches (I don’t like bread very much) but anything with bacon and avocado would be fine. So all of these chicken breast, pesto, tomato, BLT, cheese things sound good.

@Kardamom reminded me of how I love tea sandwiches. Cucumber and watercress are both nice. They are little bite-size sandwiches with no crust. Yay!

Oh, and I remember those ribbon sandwiches my grandma made for parties. Anyone else here remember those? They were so yummy.

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Nah, just get hold of some supermarket watercress, they sprout roots while looking at them lol. plant a few in some good compost in a wide brimmed pot and you’ll be picking it in a month. Keep the compost wet at all time . It should grow like mad in S Cal temperatures. Easy from seed too.

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Lately it’s been the Buffalo Grilled Cheese from Buffalo Wild Wings. It’s so tasty.

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I think mine is sliced turkey (real turkey, not deli), sliced tomatoes, sliced avocado, may and bacon.

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I created one recently for a brunch:

Pretzel dough croissant
Softened brie
Thick-sliced, peppered bacon
Hard-boiled egg slices
Avocado slices
Tart apple (I used a “pink lady”) slices
A little lemon-flavored mayo to soften the bun

It was dee-licious!

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Blue cheese and sardines on sourdough with horseradish and garlic mayo.

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Peanut butter and banana on whole-wheat toast. Pure heaven!

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I’m sorry, way rude.

I like burgers with an egg on it.

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A sandwich I created called ’‘The Desperation Sandwich’’. The name comes from two things, one, being dirt poor at the time of making it, and two due to a book by Stephen King called Desperation, which I was reading at the time.

It sounds gross, and maybe it is, to others, but I love it. The filling is that canned spam nobody likes. I make two toasts, put mustard on both slices, put the spam on, then add pickled banana pepper rings and make a sandwich out of that. Add fried onions and it turns into the ’‘The Desperation Deluxe’’.
I still make it to this day. With and without the onions, at first I didn’t have the onions.

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I like to call it “The Rebel Sandwich”
Two pieces of bread with nowt inbetween, fucking hardcore stuff.

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Bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado on toasted white, or a crab sandwich.

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My mom makes toasted bologna mustard sandwich. Better than I can.

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Bacon, lettuce and tomatoes on toasted white bread with mayo.

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Two super soft slices of white bread, beef bologna, and American cheese. The most important part is putting a layer of plain Ruffles or Doritos between the cheese and top slice of bread and crunch them in.

Mmm, I’ll take two, with a packet of Ramen. Can you tell I grew up poor?

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Bacon, lettuce and tomato on toasted, mayo smothered, 12 grain bread.

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Ahh, who mentioned crab, I forgot clean about that, we’re right on the coast here and most big tides in the summer months we catch a few red edible crabs. They take no end of time to prepare for the table, but I’ll tell you what, a crab sandwich will beat just about anything . full stop

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I also like me some meatloaf and mashed potatoes sandwiches. The bread must be buttered. When I say butter, I mean butter.

Working in a grocery store pisses me off sometimes. People call everything butter. I’ll bring them to the butter and they walk past it and grab a tub of vegetable spread. Sorry, but that nasty conglomeration isn’t butter. Ok, mini rant over

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@DAVEJAY100 Thanks, I may just have to try that.

@jonsblond My neighbor is from Ohio. We just got one of those here, along with a Rita’s frozen custard place. She’s ecstatic.

@blondesjon Oh my! Do you kiss your wife with that mouth? LOL.

@talljasperman Yeah, Elvis was known for eating way too many of those fried peanut butter and nanner sandwiches.

@Skaggfacemutt Are These the ribbon sandwiches you were talking about? They sure do look pretty.

@ucme Not even a schmear of butter?

@filmfann I think some of the Jellies have been eating too many crab sandwiches this week.

@Michael_Huntington That burger sounds horrifying!

@MollyMcGuire I saw a movie a long while back, probably around 1984 or so called Rueben Rueben starring this beautiful British actor called Tom Conti

@marinelife Do you prefer that on pumpernickel, sourdough or rye? There’s this sandwich shop out here in California that has a fake turkey sandwich with coleslaw and Russian dressing on it that I love.

@Symbeline Actually that sounds really good. When I used to eat meat, I was one of the people who enjoyed Spam. It’s so salty and hammy and with the addition of the mustard, peppers and onions, yummo!

@BeenThereSaidThat A classic.

@Blackberry I know! Who ever came up with that idea is a genius!

@SadieMartinPaul Heavenly and healthy : )

@picante Yum! I could totally make that with fake bacon.

@livelaughlove21 That totally reminds me of my elementary school days! I loved putting chips inside my sandwich. I had a friend who used to stick Fritos, the smaller thinner ones, into her Twinkie so that it looked like a whale. I thought she was brilliant. Turns out she was, she’s the head of the nursing program at one of the big teaching colleges. I wonder if she still eats Twinkies with Fritos LOL.

@CWMcCall I can almost smell that through the computer.

@flip86 Especially if you use those big juicy yellow heirloom tomatoes.

@DAVEJAY100 Have you ever had a crab po’boy? One of my cousins goes to school in Louisiana and she’s been on a po’boy binge.

@flip86 Hmmm. I’ve never heard of putting the mashed potatoes onto a meatloaf sandwich. Do you eat the potatoes and meatloaf hot? We only ever ate cold meatloaf sandwiches, the next day.

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@Kardamom Yes, the meatloaf and potatoes are warm. I haven’t had them in a while but this post reminded me of them.

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@flip86 Do you have a favorite meatloaf recipe?

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@Kardamom Not really. I might make one two or three times but I like trying different recipes. I do always glaze with A1 sauce though. Really good.

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@flip86 My Mom always made hers with tomato sauce, which I loved when I was a kid, but I had never even heard of making it with brown gravy until I started watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I wonder if it’s a regional thing?

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@Kardamom Yeah, I like spam. I use it often. It’s also good fried. (never tried fried spam in a sandwich though, I should give it a shot)

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@ucme LOL nice. and you said nowt

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@Symbeline Apparently, in Hawaii, they like to eat Spam Sushi

I wish I could actually hear @ucme saying nowt! Luckily, they say it a lot on Doc Martin : )

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Heehee, Allinsons Wholemeal, bread wi nowt tekkin owt :D

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I wonder what I answered previously?

I like chicken breast and zucchini on flat bread.

Another is tuna fish salad (light on the mayo) with celery in, some lime or lemon, and lots and lots of iceberg lettuce on rye or white toast. Actually, there can be no bread, or only one peice of bread.

Leftover meatloaf is also really good, I saw that above. Toasted bread, meatloaf, and ketchup.

Roast beef, iceberg lettuce, and deli mustard. Has to be National Deli, Nathans, or Hebrew National mustard.

Hot ham and swiss on rye with iceberg lettuce and deli mustard.

Grilled cheese made with Kraft Vermont white sharp cheddar on rye. I also really like simple American cheese melted on an English muffin.

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@ucme Does your wife just drool with glee when you talk like that?

I’m guessing that she probably sounds like that too, so she probably doesn’t see the exotic-ness of it.

ucme's avatar

@Kardamom Nor, we arl tark like that up ere, common as muck like pet :)

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@JLeslie I used to love tuna sandwiches, just as you’ve described.

They used to have a product at Trader Joe’s called Tuno, which was a soy based product, but it had just the right taste, smell and texture to real tuna, but sadly, the company that made it stopped making it. Haven’t found anything similar since then.

@ucme blushing at the idea that you’ve said nothing naughty, but I’m still getting a bit warm over here : P

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Nee botha bonnie lass

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BLT with Avocado. I never buy or cook bacon, but always order BLTs when I’m out.
2nd, Tuna salad with sweet pickle relish and sliced tomatos and leaf lettuce.
3rd grille jack cheese with grilled Ortega green chilis and tomatos. Mmmm.
4th Just plain tomato sandwiches on toasted bread with mayo.

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@Coloma . . . I grew up on those tomato sandwiches.

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@Coloma I’m reading a book right now where this young girl from the South asks her hosts for a ‘mater sandwich.

Coloma's avatar

^^^ So good, I had a tomato sandwich a few days ago on a toasted onion roll…awesome!

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I love sliced tomatoes sprinkled with salt and pepper. I eat them without bread. I also like vinegar soaked cucumbers.

El_Cadejo's avatar

@flip86 Vinegar soaked cucumbers…. that’s a new one for me. What type of vinegar do you use and how do you go about preparing it?

talljasperman's avatar

@flip86 My mom like spiced tomato’s, I should try it again.

flip86's avatar

@El_Cadejo I used to use white vinegar but I recently discovered malt vinegar which has a deeper flavor.

You slice up the cukes into thin(not too thin)circles, pour vinegar over them and let em soak in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.

Coloma's avatar

Rice vinegar marinated cucumbers is amazing!

El_Cadejo's avatar

@flip86 Interesting, I’ll have to give it a shot sometime.

talljasperman's avatar

Ice cream….sandwich… I just had a Magnum and 4 waters, for $10…. The Ice cream guy just drove by and I had a $20 bill. It is kosher with my medical tests on the 4th.

Blondesjon's avatar

@flip86. . . A little sugar and red pepper flake doesn’t hurt either.

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I skipped to the chase (ignored all the other answers) so I could say “VEGGIE MUFFLATTA”. Grilled eggplant in place of the meat. Heaven, but they closed.

Village Wine and Cheese in Columbia Missouri, if anyone wants to seek a recipe.

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There’s a French sandwich shop by the waterfront, and I had the BEST ham and butter sandwich there. That sounds weaksauce, but it was so great. The bread was a fresh, crusty, chewy baguette, the ham was really fresh, and it had just the right amount of (awesome) butter and cornichons. Dude it was so great. Just really simple, delicious flavors. (And it was self-contained and organized, I love that in food!) A sandwich doesn’t have to have seven layers of melty cheese or an explosion of bacon to knock your socks off. I wish everyone could have a ham and butter sandwich this good.

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3.25 lb sea-bass I caught in the local estuary yesterday, now cold fish makes an excellent sarnie twixt two crusty rounds of bread.

DAVEJAY100's avatar

Doh, !! how do I post a pic please ?

livelaughlove21's avatar

@DAVEJAY100 You can’t post pictures on Fluther.

Dutchess_III's avatar

@DAVEJAY100 You can’t post pictures within the thread, but you can post links to pictures (and other things.) You surround the word that you want to turn into a link with quotation marks, like ” this ”. Then you add a colon, : Then you paste your link after the colon. It looks like ” This ” : link. I left spaces around the quotation marks and the colon so you could see the format. When you actually want to create a link you don’t leave any spaces.

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@Kardamom Re: ribbon sandwiches. The link you posted was close, but my gran made them more like this

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Tomato and Miracle Whip is awesome. Cheese and Miracle Whip. The Penn Station franchise makes a mean artichoke sandwich…yes, add the mushrooms!

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@Symbeline That’s the one :)

Berserker's avatar

Haha that commercial is awesome. :D

ucme's avatar

I’m sure I posted it before, can’t think why though.
The guys voice in that is the actor Brian Glover, played the governor of the prison planet in Alien 3

Berserker's avatar

I found it, it’s a question you asked.


I remembered you posting that commercial, was pretty sure it was in there…if it wasn’t, I would have been fucked out of luck as to where to look haha.

ucme's avatar

Yay, well found that gal :D
I knew i’d posted it & it certainly deserves a second outing.

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There is a certain unforgettable crunch found only in fresh button mushrooms, and when you pick them from the field early on a dewdrop august morning just as the sun noses over the eastern hill, the memory of the forage is equally as fine as the succulent sandwiches they provide. Oh, and when that salt butter melts when you spread it on that still warm home baked crusty loaf you just…................Ohhhhhhh, roll on august.

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@DAVEJAY100 That is one poetic homage to a sandwich. Are you sure you’re not a professional writer?

DAVEJAY100's avatar

Just a penniless amateur scribe Kardamon, lol, and compliment graciously accepted. Thank you.

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The seafood and crab from Subway but it’s been discontinued :(
Next favorite is a meatloaf sandwich and a fried egg sandwich.

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We still have crab salad here, @AshlynM. It might be regional, or have you asked for it? For years it was not on the menu here, but they had it if you asked.

Here’s another Subway oddity. There’s a tiny town 20–25 minutes away, where Subway has had Garden Veggie patties for quite a while. Whenever I was there, I’d get one. I had even comment locally, “Man, I wish you all would get Veggie patties like the Tiny Town.” Last week I went in the local Subway, and it was on the menu. I said, “Yeah! you finally got Veggie patties!” The girl behind the count gave me a little sneer and said, “Ive been here over a year, and we’ve had them as long as I’ve been here. It was just never on the board.”

So my moral is, at Subway, if you see it in one store, or they have ever had something you liked and you don’t see it, ASK.

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A fad with the schoolkids over here a while back was a lunchtime jaunt to the local baker to purchase a fresh loaf of bread shared between two, they would cut the loaf in half and burrow a hole down the middle of each half to feed to the seagulls, then a quick trip to the chippy’s to fill the chasm to the top with chips ( french fries ) , the usual seasoning of salt and vinegar were applied, and a copious injection of tomato ketchup was inserted into the abyss to ensure a colorful appearance. some sandwich lol.

ibstubro's avatar

That sounds fairly disgusting, @DAVEJAY100!

ibstubro's avatar

YUM! @Kardamom This was on the same page. :)

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Peanut butter and honey is good.

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