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Where did you eat your last hamburger?

Asked by XrayGirl (529points) September 7th, 2008

were you on some fantastic vacation, honeymoon or resort? Were you at a cool party? Do cool, rich, smart people eat hamburgers, or just us humble, middle class x-ray people??

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T.G.I. Friday’s
Jack Daniels burger, medium rare. It was good!

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I was at CedarPoint . It was Aug 17th if I recall right. It was in the “Macaroni’s” restaurant that has recently been renamed to “Snoopy something” It is our tradition to always eat at Macaroni’s when we go to CedarPoint but now that the administration and menu has changed, we won’t be going back there anymore. End of a tradition :(

Oh, and I don’t eat red meat, so it was a Chicken burger (does that still count?)...was okay, just too heavy for my liking especially when we were just going to go on more roller coasters after eating lunch ;)

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I haven’t yet eaten my last hamburger.

My most recent one, however, was at In-n-Out.

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Most Americans love hamburgers. Mine was at home last week, bunless and cheeseless.

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At a local place called Murder Burger. Actually the name had to be changed to Redrum Burger, everyone who is from around here still calls it Murder Burger. Anyway.. it was good. I had a chocolate cherry milkshake too.

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I made it myself, it was a vegetarian pair of double cheeses

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At home yesterday. It was great by home standards.

The last burger out was at Kopps. I LOVE their burgers!!!

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It was at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, in Leeds. I absolutely love that place. The burgers are man sized, pretty damned healthy, freshly made, and most of all delicious.

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i was at a pool party last weekend. by the way, nobody went in the pool.

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I had a pretty great burger when I was at the park today with the colorguard.
We practiced [and mastered the opener of] our routine, made some pretty cool flags and costume pants, and had one of the most fun cookouts I’ve ever been to. =)

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Last burger i had was unfortunately at BK so nothing special. My next burger on the other hand will be awesome, heres the recipe if anyones interested.

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You mean it will be uberbatman.

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Exactly ^_^

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It was likely Carl’s Jr. or Burger King and the year was 1990.

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My house, last night, delicious! I mixed in chopped onions and s&p with the meat, then the burger was cooked to perfection, seated on a toasted bun and topped with guacamole, grilled onions, bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, ketchup, and dijon mustard. Yum!

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blimpy burger in ann arbor. definitely a dining experience in itself

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Whataburger with cheese and everything else cept onions

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Wendy’s Junior Bacon Cheeseburger two days ago. There cheap, what can I say?

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My house, last night, courtesy of my husband.

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In the car a couple months ago i believe…

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Yesterday at Gordon Biersch in the mall before seeing a movie with my daughter. They go well with their beer. Yummy.

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Irv’s Burger in LA. One of the best burger places in America.

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About 30 secs ago. Steak, Chicken, Stuffing, Cheese, Lettuce, Cucumber, Fried Onion

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it was like 2 weeks ago, we went for the first time to red robins! It was soo good! Too bad I only ate like 3 bites, pregnant and with nausea!! I’ll me back once the nausea has gone to enjoy it like I mean it!!!

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I would have to say it was 2002, at camp.


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@ ezraglenn – no way! how do you know Kopps! Their Custard is to die for. Best ever!!!

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It was 1989, and in was from Jim’s Burgers, a local hamburger joint in my neighborhood.

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And I thought I’d gone the longest here since eating a hamburger. But you’ve got a year on me.

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Almost 20 years. Excuse me while I weep…. That makes me feel old. :(

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5 Guys on Bleecker street

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three days ago cooked in cast-iron pan at home with salt
hadn’t eaten meat in weeks
pretty wonderful
I made one for the dog, too

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My kitchen dining area and it had an egg and bacon on it. Mmm, so good.

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BK, just over a week ago (I know, I know, but it was to cure my hangover!)

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Last night. Shared the “Riverside Burger” with my wife at the Acadia on the West Bank of Minneapolis. Blue cheese and spinach. Ordered medium rare, but arrived medium. It was alright, but not my favorite.

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I’m in the process of giving up meat (red and white), but what I’ve done so far is told myself that I am shooting to keep meat down to once a week. It’s been about 3 weeks now and I’ve done pretty well.

The things I’d miss the most if I gave it up entirely are burgers and bacon. Rather than go “cold turkey” as it were, I’ve decided I can have them occasionally. I’m also not, at this point, going to make an issue of it if I’m a guest in someone’s house.

I do feel it’s o.k. to eat animals if they’ve been raised well, but the cruelty of factory farming and what it does to our earth have brought me to this decision. I am eating fish which is another set of issues but I can’t tackle all of that yet too.

That said, I love the burgers at Barnacle Bill’s in Rumson. Also, they are one of the few restaurants that still makes French fries worth eating. I can’t stand the chemical “seasoned” sticks they sell as fries these days. What’s up with that? I was in England and France last summer and absolutely o.d.‘d on chips and frites because they were made from potatoes!

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At home, French onion cheeseburgers. They were so yummy!

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A bleu cheese burger from Taylor’s Refresher at the Ferry Building on Friday. One of the best burgers I’ve had.

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Saturday night… Applebees curbside takeout at my boyfriend’s house. Cowboy burger… yummy onion rings and barbecue sauce.

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@ the end of summer party @ the Ambassador’s Residence last saturday

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At home a couple of weeks ago. I don’t eat burgers often. I’m a chicken fanatic!

@PnL, I spent many of my childhood summers going to Cedar Point. Do they still have “The Blue Streak” there? It was my first roller coaster, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

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@scamp – Yep. Blue Streak is still there. Not that popular anymore though. Maverick (the newest) is pretty amazing. You should go again, I love that place! Oh and I go every summer too :)

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24th street car wash, Bakersfield, CA around May, 2005. I weighed over 200 lbs then. Had enough burgers for many lifetimes. I’ll never go back.

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This does not belong in to my feeding menu.If I remmember that was one moths ago.

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Labor Day weekend- Lipton Onion-Burgers, charcoal-grilled, with teriyaki sauce and a grilled pineapple slice on top. AKA the Big Kahuna.

Last purchased- In-n-out.

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At the best hamburger place in the world, home.

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