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How often do you edit your answer, and why do you edit?

Asked by GloPro (8404points) July 6th, 2014 from iPhone

As asked.

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I use alternative words for their/there and other words that I don’t know how to use.

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At least 60%. Usually because I’m on my mobile and haven’t gotten the formatting right. Sometimes because I feel I wasn’t being clear, or simply because I used a word twice in the same sentence.

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Fairly often, mostly for typos because I’m fast. haha
I always hit the ; instead of the ’ key…such as “don;t instead of “don’t.”
Fast brain, fast fingers = typos.
Otherwise I edit my replies on occasion if I realize I misconstrued the topic at hand because of speed reading.

It’s a blessing and a curse to have a brain that fires like an Audi. lol

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I edit quit a bit, too. Depending on my mood, I sometimes have a lot of misspellings and I won’t catch them all. And also like @longgone when I read it like I’m seeing it for the first time it becomes clear that I’ve misused noun and pronoun (for clarity) or used the same word twice. Sometimes I remember that I missed a key point, and don’t want to make another post. Occasionally I get on a kick where I go in and remove all the extraneous “thats”. Once in a while someone will point out a flaw and I’ll get there in time to fix it.

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Fairly regularly. I notice a typo or wrong word choice after hitting send quite often.

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Yes because I usually end up adding to my answer.

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Quite often. Mostly for typos, sometimes to add or edit a bit to make my point clearer or avoid misunderstanding or delete my stupid statements.

I have just edited my answer :p

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Quite a bit. I have 67 Perfecto-fish awards to prove it.

I’m often in a hurry when I answer and this causes me to make a lot of mistakes. I hate looking at those mistakes when I catch them, so I edit.

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And I thought I had a lot with 21!

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I just do it for the award.~

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I edit to make Fluther look good. : )

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Maybe 1 in 5, mostly when I see typos. Often I will come back and look at an answer too late, and am flabbergasted that such a doofus error made it on the screen.

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Typos. Whenever I catch them within the five-minute mark.

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“How often do you edit your answer”
Quite often

“and why do you edit?”
I’m drunk and spelled shit wrong.

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Usually to correct typos but sometimes to add something to my response when my response ends up having two meanings instead of one

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I end up editing my answer more often than not, especially when using my iPhone. It’s almost always for typos, but sometimes I just want to add something else.

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I often edit a question or comment 3 or 4 times, either to correct typos or express myself more clearly.

I edited this one once to add this line.

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I edit a lot because I tend to type quickly and press “submit” before proofreading. Then I find a missing word, a misspelled word, or something I’d like to add to my answer.

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Only when I need to. Typos are usually the only reason why I edit my response. Proof reading is also necessary to avoid any sort of misleading answer.
But sometimes I just read it like in my head and it’s still wrong in written and then it makes no sense at all. Haha. I think their is a word for this situation.

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