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How does one pick an undergraduate program? Masters? Ph.d?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) July 7th, 2014

I am like a kid in a candy store… I like it all so I get none. How do I choose what I want. Deep down I want a Ph.D. in general studies, or to write about everything , so I don’t have to leave school or flip burgers. I am on permanent disability. So I have lots of free time.

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Ph. D. in general studies? Is that possible?
Try starting at an undergrad liberal arts school where you can study a broad range of topics and hopefully find one you like best.
Search for liberal arts schools in your area. When you have a list of a few of them, check out their websites and contact admissions. They may let you talk to an advisor and you can go from there.

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There are independent organizations out there that rank schools. Personally, I go by US news.

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Why not take classes towards an Associates that is transferable to a University and see what you gravitate towards?

How does one pick an undergrad program? You follow what interests you. Some choose what will be a good building block degree, such as a business degree. Some choose a school first and then see what it has to offer. I picked Psychology after realizing Marine Biology was not the right path, although by the time I was in my last semester I had realized the same about Psych. I was so close to getting the degree it would have been foolish not to follow through.

I suppose you could pick a Ph.D right away, but you still have to back up and see what education you need to get there.

Start with the AA. Look at accredited online classes.

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The OP is in Canada. We don’t have AA here. I’ve never heard of a PhD in general studies – that would appear to defeat the purpose.

But… have you even completed high school, @talljasperman? I thought you were talking about going back for classes. Or was that undergrad?

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Before worrying about graduate studies, you should find an undergraduate program you like and complete that. You will need to do well in that program to advance on to most graduate programs. Rather than focusing on the end goal, break it down into smaller, reachable goals. This will help you get a sense of accomplishment as you go, which will help with continuing your pursuit for the long term.

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@dappled_leaves I have one year of university from 1999 -2000 I failed out… I can take classes from Athabasca university and Red Deer college.

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Then it is too soon for you to contemplate graduate studies, especially since you flit from vocation to vocation on a daily basis. See if you can complete an undergraduate degree first. By the time you reach your final year, you will have a better idea of whether you want to do a graduate degree and in what field.

As to choosing an undergraduate program, that is entirely up to you. I would recommend picking up (or downloading) a course catalogue from either school, and narrowing down the program list to the ones you think you can complete, given your interests and skills.

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For most people, the degrees are the means to an end, which is typically their chosen career. I changed Majors a bunch of times until I figured out what career I wanted.

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