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What political parties have seen big sudden support?

Asked by Questionsaboutstuff (265points) July 8th, 2014

Around the world what are some parties that went from being small to being a big political player maybe even winning an election in a short period of time?

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As is usual in times of economic uncertainty, it is the xenophobic right wing extremist parties with nationalist and racist platforms that have the biggest growth.

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In 1912 Teddy Roosevelt joined the moderate Bull Moose party, because he opposed Taft’s ultra-conservative approach.
While Roosevelt didn’t win, he stopped Taft’s reelection.

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The Polish trade union Solidarity was formed in 1980.

The 80s brought martial law and violent suppression of the union.

In 1989 its candidates won the contests for 99 of 100 Senate seats and 160 of 161 Sejm (lower house of parliament) seats.

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