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Do people spell your name wrong?

Asked by GloPro (8306points) July 10th, 2014 from iPhone

Mine isn’t hard to spell, and every time I write or type it I do so clearly, yet at both jobs my bosses and peers spell it wrong consistently.

Is it worth mentioning?

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Yes it’s worth mentioning. It’s your name. They should have some respect for you and get it right.

My name is easy to spell, so I rarely have this problem, but I understand the frustration because people always spell my husband’s name wrong and he hates it. He corrects anyone who gets it wrong.

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I’d mention it. People constantly leave out the “E” in my name. I continue to remind them of the correct spelling. Most people get the hang of it eventually.

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Not so much. Once they type ”@cw” the rest seems to be mostly automatic.

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Intentionally so.
I am not a noodle.

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My last name is a mere six letters, and a Scottish name to boot, so it shouldn’t be difficult at all, but I’ve been having to correct people my whole life. For instance, my entire time in school (elementary through high school) I had to constant correct folks (teachers, administrators, etc) that there’s no “s” at the end of my name. For some reason this never seemed to sink in, which made me seriously question the intelligence of the people who were supposed to educate me.

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Oh yeah, plenty. I get a lot of “Lindsey” and “Lindsay” but hardly ever what it really is, Lyndsey. I usually don’t correct people unless I think it’ll matter (like at a doctor’s office). It’s an uncommon spelling, so I stopped getting annoyed by people misspelling it long ago.

What’s really interesting is when people misspell my name on Facebook or somewhere that my name is clearly where they can see it.

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Yes, people spell my name wrong incorrectly all the time. What is the most irritating to me is when I spell it right and people take the liberty of correcting it for me. I always say something, and people have mostly respected me for doing so.

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Mine is easy to spell, a fairly well known surname shared with lots of famous people, but people still have to ask me. Then they feel kind of embarassed.

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Mine is easy to spell but actually difficult to pronounce. I do make them spell it proper though.

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@FlyingWolf You spell your own name correctly and then someone comes in and “corrects” it? Do they seriously think you misspelled your own name? How bizarre.

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Yes. I find it interesting that some want to spell my name Valarie or Valery. Is Valerie THAT uncommon?

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Lets just say that for having a very easy, two syllable english last name that rhymes with ‘Tyson” I have been called, : Bunson, Benson, Bison, and my favorite…Bixpin! WTF!
Good thing I’m not polish. lol

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I swear, I think Starbucks employees are trained to misspell your name

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My surname has two syllables spelled as they sound and yet no one ever and I mean ever gets the spelling of my name right. Usually they ask how to spell it and I tell them sometimes they guess and inevitably get it wrong.

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Yup. My first name is an extremely common English speaking name, especially here in America. When I am in areas of the country with a lot of Spanish speaking people they sometimes mess up the spelling, because there is a double consonant in it, which does not exist in Spanish language really. The only double in Spanish is double L and double R.

My maiden name they mispronounced more than they misspelled it interestingly. Although, the did misspell it too. It has two consonants in the middle that Americans just don’t compute easily.

My married name same thing, two consonants that Americans are not accustomed to seeing together. People mispronounce it much more often than misspell it. I guess when they are spelling they are mre careful. However, my last name in the beginning sounds miss, say it was mystery for example. When they ask me my last name I say, “Mystery, em, y, es, and they already have started my last name onntheir paper with a T. Not Miss Tery! Mystery. It happened in TN all the time, it almost never happens in other states I live in. Who responds to, “what is your last name?” Miss so and so. I guess maybe in the south they are so trained to here Miss they are conditioned to it? I don’t know. But, that is all aside from my name actually having two consonants in the middle that are unusual in English. My mom and aunt still sometimes spell my last name wrong, because they spell it in the way that is more familiar to them. Both spellings are common and correct.

@GloPro At work I would mention it. A lot of computers learn the bad spelling and then when they start to write your name the wrong one consistently automatically fills.

We are building a house and the salesperson spells my husband’s name incorrectly every time she emais usl. His name is on every part of the contract correctly. He signs his name on emails. How she doesn’t notice boggles my mind. I haven’t bothered to correct her. I almost always correct people when they spell my husband’s name wrong, and it happens constantly, but for whatever reason I let it lie this time.

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Quite often, there’s only 4 letters in my first name, but loads of different spellings.

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Yes, people often spell (and pronounce) my first and last name wrong. I have a very uncommon name, and it was even more so in the country I grew up in.

I agree that it is worth mentioning to your colleagues, especially since your name isn’t hard to spell.

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I always had to spell out both my married name and now my birth name again but my birth name is easier to spell out to people.

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@livelaughlove21 they do it more often than you would think! I have a fairly common first name but it is spelled slightly different than it usually is so I always spell it out. It never ceases to amaze me when people go ahead and fix it so it is spelled the way it usually is.

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I was devastated in 3rd grade when I ordered 100 monogrammed pencils and they arrived sporting the first name of “Louie” instead of “Laurie.” haha

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Yes. The last letter of my last name is silent. So, if you see it printed, you’ll pronounce it wrong and if you hear it said, you will spell it wrong.

I should just get it legally changed to omit the last letter.

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Yes, all my life. Sometimes mispronounce it, too. It happens occasionally with salespeople or other people with whom I have one-time encounters so I rarely correct them anymore. But it always irritates me.

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People always used to spell my name wrong (the name I was born with). When I changed my first name legally when I was in my 40s, I thought I had picked a simple, fool-proof name. Wrong. It is misspelled and mispronounced just as often!

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@Pachy I think it is ridiculous that salespeople or waiters try to thank customers by name by glancing at our credit cards. It is almost uncomfortable to me. I didn’t give you my name, you don’t need to use it. Or, ask me my name, don’t just still it off my card. At the same time, if they are interested in my name when they see it on the card and try to pronounce it in a way that is sort of like, ok, ok, don’t tell me, wait, let me try, then I am less put off, but when they do it because store policy to thank a customer by their name, it just is odd to me.

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My name is Jon. It’s not John nor is it short for Jonathan. It’s the name my parents gave me and pretty fucking simple to spell.

Quit making three letters so difficult.

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People call me the wrong name all the time. Occasionally they spell it wrong. I dont correct it however I think because I have worked with the elderly so long. Sometimes I get mistaken for another person completely with people with memory issues.

Its a compliment.

In your case I would correct it.

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All my life. Even if I specify it is spelled Clarke with an “e”, everyone almost always leaves it off.

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i’m sorry astrochucke

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My last name is Dill. For some reason, a lot of people pluralize it.

others spell it a-s-s-h-o-l-e

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Oh, heavens, yes. My name is Lori. People use Laurie, Lorrie, Lory, etc., all of which make sense. I’m not annoyed by this in the least. I don’t expect anyone to be telepathic and know how my name’s spelled.

@filmfann Dill is a perfectly fine name. Please, oh please, tell me that you never get Dill-Doe.

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My initials are GAC; LLBean monogrammed three pieces of luggage GAG. They offered to redo it, but I thought it funny enough to keep.

My first name is the most common version…Gail. But I do get Gale and Gayle from time to time.

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@gailcalled I love your sense of humor!

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My surname, often. There are two ways to spell it by flipping around the last two letters, and the wrong one is what most people choose. I think it’s because that was the spelling used by the antagonist in a popular 90’s movie.

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@SadieMartinPaul I have been called that a few times. I tell them that is a sex toy used by sexually unsatisfied women. That shuts them up.

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@SadieMartinPaul Haha, and I get the opposite being “Laurie”. Always spelled “Lori.” Meh…I don’t care either unless it is something critical.

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Having been a professional cake decorator, I have encountered many names, and spelling variations. I have learned that when spelling a name, I ALWAYS ask. Alan, Allan, Allen, Jon, John, Jean, Tami, Tammie, Tammy, Sherri, Sheri, Shari, Chari, Smith, Smyth, Smythe.
People get my name spelled wrong. I get miffed, but more so when they seem indignant over being corrected.
@FlyingWolf , WTF!!!!!!!!???????????? I think if someone corrected MY spelling of MY name, I would have to slap them like a thief. I’m sorry there are people who treat you so rudely, but I’m glad you shared, because the very stupidity of it gave me a much needed laugh. I swear to you now, if I EVER have occasion to write your name, I will spell it correctly, even if you tell me it is spelled with 14 Zs lined up.

In the case of co workers, and cow orkers, I would take them to task, and see to it they get your name correct. You might just distribute a business card to each person, ask them to keep it handy, so there will no longer be a spelling issue. After all, while you have a desire and right to have your name be correct, there are confusing varieties sometimes, and they would likely appreciate the help.

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Not so much spell it wrong as not recognise or ever use my real name. Here, everyone shortens your name. Nobody calls me by my full name. The first initial of my first name is different to the first initial of the shortened version so when people see my initials in a list they often say ‘who’s that?

Your name’s important. I’d correct people (I do). The worst that will happen is they think you’re a bit prissy and so what, it’s your name and it’s disrespectful of them to not care enough to spell it right.

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@Coloma I regret to inform you that “Laurie” is just plain wrong, wrong, wrong. :-)

Paul always called me “Lor.” Apparently, Lori’s a really long name that needs to be shortened.

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—-@SadieMartinPaul Haha..I get called “Lor” too.—
I used to like it though years ago when I worked at a flower market and since one of my favorite flowers is the Morning Glory my co-workers would chirp…” ‘morning Laurie!”

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One of my niece’s is named Lorin, often misspelled Loren, and often shortened to Lor.

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Last name is mispronounced and misspelled. Swiss / German so it is not common in the USA. My dad’s cousins pronounced it different than my grandfather pronounced it.

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@Jonesn4burgers I want to order a cake from you just so my name will be spelled correctly!

@gailcalled one thing that drives me bananas is people shortening other people’s names! It just feels so rude to address someone who was introduced as Deborah as Deb or someone introduced as Joseph called Joe! Though I have never smacked someone for correcting the spelling of my name, I have come close to smacking them for shortening my name and I have gotten pretty testy about it.

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(She doesn’t mind. Neither does my daughter, Alison, often called Al.

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My coworker has recently begun spelling my name with a C instead of a K, we’ve worked together for nearly 10 years (in different locations). It has me puzzled, to be honest. I don’t mind when strangers do it, but we see each other’s names in chart notes and the departmental communications, and in the computer system – I find it peculiar, and I am rather concerned for her.

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Nope. No one has ever spelled my name wrong. The people who spell my name wrong are foreigners, and how can I get angry with foreigners?

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I have a completely unnecessary hyphen in the middle of my name, so.

My name is Ash-Leigh. Not Ashley, Ashli, Ashlee, Ashly, Ashliegh or any other spelling.

AshLeigh. Ashleigh. Ash-Leigh. Hell, I’ll even answer to Ash. These are fine. But Ashley isn’t my name. Gah. Drives me nuts.

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And yet… @AshLeigh.

Once in grammar school (uh oh, that’s starting out like a “once in band camp” story, which it totally isn’t) ... so I’ll start again.

In grammar school when I was probably in fourth grade, the teacher arranged a field trip to a local newspaper, The Worcester Telegram (and The Evening Gazette at the time). Printing newspapers was a completely different industry then from what it is now, with all of the typesetting being done at the presses, which were so noisy that one had to shout to be heard.

One of the mementos that we got from our visit there was to have our names set in type and printed on glossy paper. The typesetter I said my name to… twice… still didn’t get it right, and I came out as “Richard”, instead of my real name. Those who know my real name, and recall one of the most popular television series from the late 50s and early 60s, will get why that is funny, and why I was quizzed mercilessly about my parents and my (not-real) older brother for weeks.

It took me years to get my name in the paper “for reals”, and I made sure they got it right that time.

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No, I have an awfully boring name, like Fred Bloggs, except its not Fred Bloggs because if it were I’d be male! It’s also like Jane Doe, Sally Jones, Jan Smith…. sigh how boring! This is all because my mother had a very fancy name, she got it shortened in various ways and on top of that no one ever used her first name, but rather her second.

Why didn’t she just call me Mini Mouse and get it over with!

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“Yes, people spell my name wrong incorrectly all the time.”

Is there a right way to spell your name incorrectly or a correct way to spell it wrong? ;-)

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@hearkat That sounds like a passive aggressive move to me. If she suddenly started misspelling your name and it isn’t passive aggressive, well, that isn’t a good sign.

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To clarify, the hyphen is left out of my username because Fluther doesn’t allow hyphens.

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YES!! and no-one can pronounce it either, unless they are Scottish, which is its origin. It pisses me off big time.

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No one can pronounce “Scrooge”?

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sometimes yes

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My boss was on a witch hunt after I got out of the hospital a year and a half ago. A gal came in to sign up and her name was Tamantha. With a T. I verified it with the student.
My boss came unglued on me, accused me of misspelling her name. I showed her the application where the student had written her own name. So my boss quit ranting. But it was brought up again in my termination meeting.

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Someone in the Thai govt misspelled our last name many decades ago. Now every time one of us needs an official Thai document, we need to misspell the last name the same way. Otherwise they won’t be able to find our family records. So make sure people spell your name correctly every time.

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@RocketGuy When my FIL was born the person who recorded his name spelled his surname how you would sound it out in Spanish (he was born in Mexico). All 7 of his siblings (who were also born in MX) and his parents have it spelled officially the way it should be spelled. Well, should be spelled according to them. It can be spelled a variety of ways.

I once asked my MIL why her name and ID’s and her children (my husband and his siblings) all have the proper spelling, but my FIL continues to have all documents with the wrong spelling. She went into this fun story about how they basically ran off to the justice of the peace and the second one married them and when my FIL said, “my ID is wrong the proper spelling is XYZ,” the guy just spelled as he was told verbally. So the marriage license has the write spelling.

Finally a few years ago he changed the spelling for all American ID’s. They have lived here about 15 years.

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I get my name spelled wrong by others often. Well, sometimes it can gets annoying but I suppose you have to bear with some people who spelled names wrongly.

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