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How fast should we drink our orange juice?

Asked by dina_didi (1276points) July 11th, 2014

I know it is a funny question but I have not reached a conclusion yet! There are two opinions I know about how fast we should drink our orange juice. The one is, that we should drink it fast because if we drink it slowly it will lose the vitamins and the other, that if we drink it fast our body will not absorb the vitamins. What do you think?

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I’m not sure we should be drinking orange juice at any speed.

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I think that your premise needs adjustment.

YES, over time, the vitamins in OJ will begin to change (reduce in potency). But the time frame is more along the lines of hours, not minutes. I don’t know anyone who takes hours to drink a glass of OJ.

I would say that there is no negative effect to drinking a glass over a 15 minute (as opposed to a 30-second chug).

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I love orange juice but mostly have stopped drinking it cause it’s so high in sugar. I feel confident that I get all my necessary vitamins in other ways.

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I have often said that Big Fruit has made claims about how healthy eating oranges, apples, etc., and how I am finding that not to be true.
One of the first things they tell diabetics is to avoid fruits, especially fruit juices. Once a day is fine. 4 servings a day is courting disaster.

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Why not eat an orange instead?

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@Pachy is orange’s sugar bad for our health? I know that too many oranges can cause health problems but I hadn’t thought that a natural product could have bad consequenses for our health. @GloPro oranges are good but I love orange juice! Especially during summer a cold glass of juice is irresistible for me.

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If you really love a glass, drinking it because of the nutrients is irrelevant. The other jellies are correct that the sugar counteracts the nutrition. Drinking an 8 oz glass is equivalent to eating like 4 or 5 oranges in one sitting.

If possible, cut your juices with 50% water or carbonated water. And drink it slowly to reduce the odds of going back for more.

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@dina_didi: “is orange’s sugar bad for our health?”

Yep. It’s a huge amount of sugar – similar to soda. And the good stuff (fiber) has been removed. Eating an occasional orange is fine. Extracting the sugar and drinking it is probably not.

@dina_didi: “I hadn’t thought that a natural product could have bad consequenses for our health”

First of all, natural != healthy. Arsenic is naturally occurring and not recommended for consumption. Also, you might want to look into how “natural” orange juice really is. You might want to look into the additives that go into OJ.

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Something used to tell me you should do the opposite: drink slowly so that your body can get all the vitamins.

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@GloPro great idea! I am going to try adding carbonated water! That way it will taste like orangeade made by me. @hominid you are right. Orange juices have many additives. I usually buy oranges and make my orange juice. That way I am avoiding the additives and I know the ingredients of the juice.

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As fast as you are willing to drink Coke or any other sugar water. There is not so many vitamins in It that you have to worry about drinking it slow or fast. However, there is a ton of sugar, as much as a Coke. Assuming you don’t have diabetes it might not matter much to you. Certainly drinking an 8 ounce glass in one minute or 10 doesn’t matter. How fast or slow are you talking about and how much juice?

This sounds like some of the old wives tales about not drinking with food and other such ideas that have no real worth.

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