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Ever gotten to see something before everyone else?

Asked by wundayatta (58709points) November 17th, 2010

I was just reading that about 36 minutes of the latest Harry Potter movie got out to BitTorrent distribution until Warner Bros managed to shut them down. This article said folks are worried that people will be turned off by those minutes and not go see the movie.

Really? The most successful movie franchise in history? As if that weren’t enough, my secret source tells me that the movie is fantastic. Very scary, but fantastic. A little slow in the beginning, but fantastic.

Ok, it was my daughter. She got to see the movie with a local movie critic. She has done this a number of times because her best friend is the movie critic’s daughter. I guess she knows how to choose her friends wisely.

Anyway, it’s good for her, not so good for the rest of us, since she often doesn’t want to see the movie again when we’re trying to find a movie we all want to see. She allowed as how she would see this one again.

Well, that’s not really about me, but close enough I could touch the person it’s about. Have you ever gotten to see something before anyone else? What was it? How did it feel?

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I worked at Red Rocks for a summer and got to watch rehearsals several times. It was pretty great to watch a band go through the same section of a song over and over, making sure they got every note right.

Not that huge, but it was really cool for me.

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I lived between Chicago and LA for a few years, a month here, a month there. And movies opened weeks earlier in LA, that was fun to preview movies for my friends.

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I have a friend of mine who is an author. He gave me an ARC of his book, and I went out and bought one anyway and read it again.

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Well I’ve taken four virginities…

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I worked for a food distributor and we were allowed to take home products before they hit the shelves at the supermarket. Usually new cereals and candies that didn’t last very long once they did hit the stores.

During the 80s I was able to walk through a few of the new casinos that were built in Vegas before thousands of tourists had their chance. I also witnessed the demolition of some of the older casinos to make way for the new. Very sad, but kind of cool too.

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I got to see a bootleg copy of The Blair WItch Project
on a computer on a couch with about 4 friends. We were all cuddled up, scared, thinking it was real becuase we’d seen stuff about it on Discovery Channel. Great marketing. The movie was so shaky though, it nearly made me vomit!

I can’t wait to see Harry Potter!

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Some friends and I got to see Resident Evil: Extinction much earlier than the rest of the country.

Not worth it.

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My first girlfriends orgasm, she was a virgin too. Aww bless.

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Not quite before everyone because there was about ten thousand people watching with me, but when the Commonwealth Games came to Manchester in 2002 I got to see the dress rehearsal for the opening ceremony. This was a private viewing for staff, and their friends & families. I got in because one of my friends was involved in organising it.

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When my sister was born I was the first one at the viewing window in the hospital nursery.

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Over the years I invented and patented a few things. It is an awesome thought to realize that the item on my desk is the only one of its kind on the planet.

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I didn’t know it at the time but 3 weeks ago a dear friend who is retired Hall of Fame bowler and uses my lab to make new bowling balls, gave me a new ball from the company he works for to give to my son as a gift from him. When we took it to the pro-shop to get drilled, the pro there freaked out because he had not yet seen that ball and it was not yet released to the public. He was jealous of my son! Kind of cool to see all the fuss over this new ball,

I also did stage crew for Frank Zappa and got to watch his rehearsal during which he writes a lot of songs and rehearses them before recording them and got to watch him created a couple of his songs from his Ship Arriving too Late to Save a Drowning Witch Album. That was incredibly cool to watch. There was 10 of us in the entire auditorium and it was 3 hour of pure musical genius. Best part of the whole thing, it was the first time I had ever seen his new guitarist and it was Steve Vai’s first live performance with the band.

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I got to see the full size clay model of a car that hadn’t been manufactured yet.They let me peek and it was very cool :)

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I got to see lots of baby calves as they were born.

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I used to work for a touring show that would bring out a new show every six months r so. I often got to see new material before anyone else.

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I’ve just remembered something else I saw before anyone else (well anyone except my partner). Back in around 1987, before Star Trek: Next Generation was released, I saw some photos of the model for the Enterprise D in production. This was because my partner was at the time working for a UK newspaper, and the pictures were leaked and came through on the Reuters wire while he was there on night shift. He took copies for himself before passing them up to Editorial.

The internet was so primitive back then…

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I saw the premier showing for Halloween H20. Won the tickets from a radio show. I guess that’s not really seeing it ’‘before all else’’ but it’s the closest I got, as far as that’s concerned.

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I get to see a lot of films before anyone else because I work in film, so I get to see first assemblies, cut scenes, and so on during editing.

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