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When tears roll down your face, is there ever anyone there to take them away?

Asked by UnholyThirst (1453points) July 16th, 2014

Do you think it’s hard to live alone or is it better to be alone?

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No one person consistently any more; I tend to take them away myself. But I have several great women friends who will lend an empathetic ear. I think it’s hard to live alone but it’s harder to live a dry life.

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I am a mature woman, married, divorced, raised a child, been there done that.
I think being comfortable with your own company is very important. Learning to be emotionally self sufficient is a good thing, then any outside sources of support are just a bonus.

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Depends what put the tears there. And a crappy relationship is worse than being alone, so you have to ask yourself which is better for you. It’s not an easy question.

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My 79 year old father just became a widow in December. My mother passed away 3 weeks after their 45th wedding anniversary. He’s surviving, but I know it is very difficult for him to be alone without my mother by his side. I don’t think I ever saw him shed a tear when I was growing up, but now our visits always include tears. I know it is easier for him when he has his children there to comfort him.

It’s easier for me to have someone to help comfort me. My husband, friends, family and children are there for me. I’d hate to think of having no one in my life when I’m feeling down.

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I’m in a similar boat to @Coloma…. it is easier to wipe away my own tears than trying to explain a ‘try hard do gooder’ why they are falling in the first place and why they are wiping them away. For example… Yesterday, I was so sick, I collapsed on the kitchen floor and then threw up every bit of my stomach in the toilet. Did I make a deal of it? Nope. In fact, I had to minimise the situation because my 9 year old son was home and I didn’t want to worry him. I am fighting a chronic auto immune disease that is leaving me a bit out of sorts at the moment. Fuck anyone else. I only have myself to rely on.

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I like having someone there, but I do just fine without it.

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It is not whether one is alone by choice or happenstance, it is whom you are with if you are with someone. You can have someone there but they may be causing the tears instead of there to wipe them away. No one is an island off to themselves, which is why most people cannot stand to be alone; even to the point of entering into or staying into busted, janky relationships. If you are going to be with someone who is not edifying, then it is better to be alone, but to be alone in itself is not the greatest.

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My species does not have tear ducts.

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No. However, I never cry.

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I’m with @Symbeline; crying is dishonorable and a sign of weakness in my culture. I like to be alone, but I’m not totally anti-social because I value community and brotherhood.

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@Michael_Huntington Indeed, there’s a difference between being alone and complete solitude. Not many could live with no human contact at all, but a solitary life style is nothing bad.

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I’ve been thinking about his all morning, my original reaction was, “no, I don’t have anyone.” I have been divoreced a few eyars, my last full on relationship ended a couple years ago.

But then I realized I do have quite a bit of support in my community of friends, people who have been there for me and I for them. So it really comes down to how much caring we put out in the universe, and it really does come back multiplied. One just needs to be humble enough to admit you’re in pain.

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Who else could you need?

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I handle it okay, most of the time…but there are plenty of times I wish someone was around.

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The absolute worst is to have someone there but they are unwilling or unable to dry the tears. I’d rather just be alone than to feel abandoned on top of whatever else might be making me cry.

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I agree with @FlyingWolf too…nothing worse than making yourself vulnerable only to have it fall on an emotionally stunted person.

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Only you Sister. Tears escaping from ones red and tired eyes doesn’t always means that individual is vulnerable, who really knows whats beneath the surface. Joy, rage, sadness….malice V….V

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No one. People can rarely see my tears, and I prefer hiding them. I have an empty space for these things.

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Silly me! I apologize, here’s the answer to the other part of your question. I think its best to live alone, and I only say that because,people can easily get offended when you feel the NEED to have your alone time, also sometimes depending on situations, love needs to have some space in between, also it gives you time to miss the other person at times.

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I only know that I am never alone. My path always leads me back to you and Araphel.

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Do you mean “tears” in a literal sense or as a metaphor?

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When I am here, you will never shed a tear.

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I know this all too well…

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Kisses Unholy Thirst bloody tears away.

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