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What are the advantages of Mr. Clean sponges?

Asked by nmguy (528points) July 16th, 2014

I’m wondering whether Mr. Clean sponges are worth the extra cost. Can anyone tell me what makes them different than regular sponges?

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You mean the Magic Erasers? I personally think they’re amazing and it’s the only way I can get my bathtub sparkly clean. It just takes a lot of the hard work out of scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing with a regular sponge, rag, etc. The dirt and grime just comes right off with little effort.

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Yes, I mean Mr. Clean erasers. Thanks for requesting the clarification.

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These sponges offer tremendous cleaning ability with only water. They’re great for cleaning dried blood…that is IF there were any blood left to dry.

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Here is How they work.

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@Dan_Lyons Bald men are sexy!

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work well, but it’s worth mentioning that they’re abrasive. I used one to clean some cabinet doors with semi-gloss paint. The stains went away; then, I noticed that I’d removed some paint, and that the remaining paint had become dull and streaked.

I think that Mr. Clean sponges are better suited for removing fingerprints from flat-paint walls, scrubbing patio furniture, cleaning major appliances, and working on anything not so delicate.

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Just found out that magic erasers are made from melamine foam, which can be purchased at Amazon for about ⅓ of what the name brand erasers cost in stores.

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I just brought Magic eraser sponge, highly effective in cleaning almost all the surfaces.It is made of melamine resin foam and needs just water to make the surface sparkling clean.This saves lot of money on expensive cleaner and detergents.

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