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When's the last time you placed your finger on your lips?

Asked by UnholyThirst (1453points) July 21st, 2014

Why did you last “Sssh” someone?

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Well, I’m a librarian so I do it daily.

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I think it was about six or seven months ago. I was trying to listen to a pack of coyotes outside, probably running something down from their cries and howls. It’s a wild and primitive sound. I love hearing them.

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I assume it was the time I put my finger over your lips. You talk too much.

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Recently I was showing my young nephews a turtle in the pond and wanted to sneak up on it. When it saw us It slowly submerged like a submarine. Very cool!

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This morning. The two-year-old and the four-year-old were having a screaming contest right outside the room where their dad was sleeping after his midnight shift.

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I do not have to. I have mastered the Vulcan Neck Pinch.

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@ragingloli I should have thought of that!

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# femalemasturbation

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Today, to quiet the sounds that daylight brings. It’s why I prefer the quiet of night.

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Last week when I silenced the person whose throat I proceeded to slit with a jagged piece of glass.

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I absent-mindedly do it once in a while to my cat, which is about as pointless (though less dangerous) as doing it to somebody in a movie theater.

Hey, @janbb, I’ll remember to hold it down when I’m around you. ;-)

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If my finger is near my lips, I’m probably licking chocolate off of it.

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I never shush. I bark a loud, terse, “Quiet!”

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When he tried to fight me off.

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Sorry, I usually wipe it off on her leg after.

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Not “shhhing” anyone, but as I read this question, I was picking at the skin on my lip…

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