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Is there an iOS utility that will just create a text list of all URLs I currently have open in Safari tabs?

Asked by marmoset (1100points) July 21st, 2014 from iPhone

When I accumulate lots of tabs it’s usually stuff I’d rather read in a real browser—but it drives me nuts to manually email all my tabs’ URLs to myself or otherwise hand-make this list myself – what am I missing?

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I’m not aware of apps that will list your tabs. However, there are ‘read later’ apps and browser extensions. Many browsers can also be set to sync your bookmarks across devices via the cloud. There’s also the option to open your browser history, which lists the URLs, and copy/paste that to the notepad or Evernote, or other such app.

I’ll sometimes send myself a URL in a text message if I want to view it on another device.

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I have never heard of an app can do this. And this is one of the biggest problem in iPhone’s browser. I also can’t go back to the interface of my browser after I do something else on iPhone.

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