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If you were able to change anything you want with the snap of a finger, what would it be?

Asked by Araphel (1635points) July 28th, 2014

What would you like to change in any situation?

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I would make all bad people disappear.

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People who don’t agree would work together again.

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A big move when I was in my early twenties that f#*$d up my life and psychology. Made a real mess of things and can’t get over it! Do you have a magic wizard in mind who could help out?

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To remove man and all of his past and present effects from the Earth.

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I would first restore my body to working condition.
I would alter @kritiper‘s change, to leave a small team of men to serve the whims of all us women.
I would restore narural resources to clean, healthy and plentiful. I would restock rivers and streams with lots of excellent fish. I would restore a dodo bird population to the planet. I would stock woolly mammoths to Siberia, Alaska. I would cause the human population to be focused far more on beauty, romance, and preservation of resourcews than sex, commerce, and technology. I would make Justin Bieber chief mammoth keeper, and he would have to live alone in a cabin in Siberia…......................................... with an outdoor toilet. I would make all illegal drugs istantly benign. I would make houseflies disappear. I would make three of Jupiter’s moons habitable, because, wouldn’t THAT be neat?

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Actually, I think that after I fix my body, I would make @kritiper unable to snap his fingers. :-)
(Sorry. Nothing personal.)

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I’m not sure I’d change much at all. As screwed up as this world is, anything worth having is worth working for. There cannot be beauty without ugliness, or good without evil.

That said, I think it would be a great step forward if the whole world had access to birth control, the anti-vaccine movement were to be utterly destroyed, all people learned the skill of critical analysis, and all people dedicated themselves to self-improvement.

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That double arm amputees could once again snap their fingers too.

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Simple, selfish answer: a better body. I wish it weren’t the first thing that came to my mind haha.

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The desire and ability of people to be brutal to each other.

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I would give people with dementia their memories back.

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I would get rid of religion!A lot of evil comes from religion.

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At the snap of a finger, I would bring someone to me anytime I felt like it.

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Being able to snap my finger.

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I would trigger a worldwide financial reboot. So that nobody owed anybody anything. Everybody gets a fresh start. But still able to screw up going forward.

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Not necessary.

I mean Obama’s had two terms.

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That everyone in the world had at least one true friend that loved them and vice versa.

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A family members illness. I would gladly have it myself.

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I would end poverty,or make it where no one was homeless :)

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Since no limit has been put on my finger snapping, I will be here every time i think of a new thing I want to change.
I would not rid the planet of mosquitoes, because the cute little brown bats need those for dinner, but I would change them, so that instead of feeding on blood, they would siphon body fat for their nurishment. I would then snap my fingers again to put all the out of work lipo docs on research teams for disease cures.

@ucme, I think that may be the coolest, sweetest thing I’ve seen you post. I wish I could give you 10X lurve for that one.

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I would raise Earth’s Kardashev scale to maximum or Type V, and beyond. Or to me personally to have an edge over people.

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@Jonesn4burgers “Cute little brown bats.”


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Come to think of it, right about now, I’d prefer to just snap someone’s neck..

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I would get rid of cancer.

Brain cancer took my cousin this morning. He was only 50.

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^ I am sincerely sorry for your loss.

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@jonsblond Oh – you have had a spate of bad things! I am very sorry to hear of it.

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@jonsblond Gee. I wish there was something I could do or say to help you feel better. All I have is I’m sorry.

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^Thank you. I feel terrible for my Aunt. She lost a sister and son within 7 months. I want to snap my fingers and take away all cancers and brain aneurysms and every other terrible thing that causes a slow, painful death.

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