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Is there any way to make homemade spam meat?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14940points) August 3rd, 2014

No! Not “spam” in “buy our qualified product now! Click on the link to buy”, but “spam” in ”this kind of meat”

Recently I have discovered a delicious dish. I want to try it at home. I have all the necessary ingredients for it, except for spam meat. I could have bought a can of meat, but it is too expensive here, not to mention it isn’t always available. Is there anyway I can make some spam meat at home?

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It’s basically processed ham. You could get a can of any cooked ham or roast your own ham at own (which quite frankly would probably taste better).

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Spam musubi! That was common at Japanese grocery stores when I lived in Los Angeles.

Spam is inexpensive in the US and most American will see Spam musubi as humorous – it is giving elaborate presentation of a very common food.

For a substitute, I think any salty pork will be close. Maybe add a little cinnamon or clove. The name Spam is made from the words “spiced” and “ham”.

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Homemade Spam.

It is mainly ground pork shoulder with a small amount of ground ham, minced garlic, and a curing agent called Morton’s Tender Quick.

Morton’s Tender Quick contains both sodium nitrate and nitrate, and propylene glycol, which I personally would not eat voluntarily. Morton’s Sugar Cure can be substituted for it, but has the same nasty ingredients plus sugar, spices and dextrose.

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If not for the nitrates, I would eat Spam every day!

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@jaytkay I thought Spam came from Stuff Posing As Meat. :P

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POrk parts, spice, grind=spam.

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@RocketGuy Opinions vary in the bad effects of nitrates. See here for a good starting point.

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I did a Design of Experiments with my food to figure out why my inner ear parts were out of whack. Pork + nitrates came out ahead. As soon as I cut out nitrates, my inner ear problems disappeared. Of course, that cut out my favorite foods – bacon, ham, sausage, spam… :(

That’s how I found hidden nitrates in broth. The Hawaiian BBQ place I frequent uses Spam to flavor their noodle broth. Tasted great, but a few hours later, my head was spinning.

I wonder about that site you have there. I don’t know pro/con about nitrites vs cancer. But I would not advocate banning nitrates/nitrites because they allow millions of people to have meats without as much danger of spoilage. It’s just that I, myself, should not eat it.

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