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Has anyone here written a book? Story?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) July 7th, 2008

What ever happened to it? Did your book or story get published? Good experience?

Im curious cause i just started writing a story. And im not sure where its going. Im starting to get a few ideas for it. But im trying something new and im trying to have the characters tell me the story and not think about it before hand.

Just curious about other experiences.

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Yes. I wrote a crappy novel last November about an artist. I never did anything with it though; it’s still sitting on my computer unedited.

Then for my creative writing class last semester I wrote a novella that I think is actually pretty good. I might get a few copies printed up to give to family/friends.

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We all did. Somebody put up the link. Difficult for me as I’m fluthering on an iPhone.

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gotta admit that the fluther story is really cool

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Not sure if you’re asking for advice here (?), but all excellent literature needs a framework of plot to keep it cohesive and interesting. I wish you well in your endeavor.

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Yes, I wrote a novel for middle school readers:

I agree you have to let the characters help you. They do sort of reveal themselves. However, the real work in writing comes during the revision process. If you are serious about being published, be willing to see your work change. A lot. And know that it is better for it.

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@ljs22 thx for the advice. I’m actually excited for when it can be torn apart and reworked for the best.

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Pick up a copy of Chris Baty’s “No plot, No Problem” if you want to write by the seat of your pants, Lawrence Block’s “Telling Lies for Fun and Profit” if you want a touch more structure, with an eye on writing for a specific market. I’ve had quite a bit of luck selling genre fiction, but no joy in my more literary endeavors.

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yes, but it was gone when my laptop was stolen :(

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I have written two books but they were non-fiction and the contracts were negotiated in advance of the actual writing. Haven’t written a novel yet but I’ve heard your idea of “letting the characters tell the story” can work for some people. Good luck!

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@biz so can we actually go to the store and buy your books?

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