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Building a small business website?

Asked by Haleth (19499points) August 13th, 2014

I’m the most tech-savvy person at my job. That’s hilariously sad, but true. My level of understanding is, like, I can use the internet for regular everyday things. I have an extremely limited knowledge of HTML, the way someone might know a few basic phrases to get around in another language.

I’d like to build a small website that acts as an extension of the store’s business card. Maybe if I get ambitious, it would be nice to add a staff blog to that a little later. Where should I begin?

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If this is for a business, you’ll want something that looks nice. If you are willing to take this as an opportunity to learn CSS, HTML, and some basic scripting, you may be able to get a basic site that is functional. But design is usually important for a business. Here are some things you’ll want to consider:

- You’ll need a webhost, like dreamhost, bluehost, or hostgator. The basic plan should be sufficient.
– You can build your site locally and upload, via FTP, the site
– You’ll need to purchase a domain, like “”.
– If you want to add a blog later on, Wordpress is available on most webhosts via an easy install.
– Keep in mind that even if it’s a basic site, it will need to be responsive – be able to handle and look great on mobile.
– You might want to consider a framework such as bootstrap to get you started.

Another option is to consider something like Squarespace. I haven’t used this personally, but it seems to be the standard for building decent, nice-looking websites without any technical knowledge. You’ll pay more than standard hosting, however.

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Do you have any budget at all? is cheap and good. In fact, they will do a layout for you, for nothing, in hopes that you will host with them. And they do a nice job. They did some work for me last year.

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I second the recommendation for Wix.

If you want to learn coding, do it on the side, not to create a live business site in a reasonable amount of time. You can get a very nice site up quickly with tools like Wix.

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Find a friend who can help you install WordPress on either a server (as hominid eloquently describes) or use who takes care of all your hosting. There are thousands of theme to pick from, you don’t need to know how to code to build your site, and the community support is fantastic. Hands down the best solution :)

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