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I am looking for a bed for my dog that does not have any cotton in it. Do anyone know of any website that sells something like this?

Asked by lbus1229 (338points) July 8th, 2008

I have a pug that is allergic to cotton and all the pet stores around my area seem to tell me that they are not 100% sure that their beds to not have cotton.

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I know someone who owns a doggie day care. These are great.

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you might want to look at this site i have heard a lot about it. I know they have microvelvet/fleece beds at least. they state the material on the page for each bed.

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Here is another resource. Nylon outer with polyester fill.

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Try they usually have a variety of quality dog beds. Good luck.

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My dog loves laying on Moshi pillows or something that feels similar. You can get these at Target or other retail stores. I know it’s not a dog bed, but they flock straight to it!

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Dr.‘s Fosters & Smith

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You can make your own, if you have a sewing machine (or a friend with a sewing machine). A pug is not very big- you can use a silk or synthetic material, sew it into a bag- like a pillow case shape. Stuff it with cedar shavings or something other than a cotton fluff and sew it shut. Then make a case for this little mattress that you can remove easily to wash- you can buy a piece of fleece, fake fur, or other acrylic material that is soft. The fabric store can show you how to find the contents of material so you know there is no cotton in it.

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