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Why does my dog have a black rash on her arms and stomach?

Asked by kayyyyleigh (404points) December 24th, 2009

she is a five year old pure breed pug and she has had if for about a year and when we took her to the vets, they said it was just skin sensitivity and gave us dog shampoo to use to get rid of it. it hasn’t been working and her rash is getting worse. the rash on her arms is raised, and is black and scabby looking and the skin around it is red and irritated. and on her stomach there are black spots that look like the start of it again. shes always chewing on her arms, so I’m guessing it is very uncomfortable for her.

Do you know what this is? or have any experience with this? any help would be appreciated(:

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Try another Vet.

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Yeah, I’d get a second Vet opinion.

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Where did you get a dog with arms, anyway?

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New Vet now. The holiday will make it hard to find a good vet who is available.

It’s similar to getting a toothache this evening.

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That’s likely to be a type of canine fungal problem—- usually it’s seen in the ears. Only a vet can prescribe a successful treatment for it.

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It could be some type of allergic response but hard to tell over the Internet.

Since you said she has had it for a year, I guess another day or so won’t be that crucial.

But I agree with others’ suggestion of a different vet.

When I was traveling and in a new location about a year ago, I had to find a vet fast. I did two things.

First I googled for rescue groups and asked them for the name of the vet they use.

I also came across a few review sites with comments also and one guy had numerous reviews from satisfied clients.

When you spend a little phone and research time, there will usually be several names which keep cropping up as highly recommended.

Since you are not traveling and have some time, you could also try the pets section of your local craigslist. Just put up an ad describing what you are looking for in a vet and ask for recommendations.

That’s what I did when I first moved here. Responsible pet owners love to help each other out. I got a lot of responses in a few days time, many with personal anecdotes and again, several names had frequent mentions.

You definitely need a vet with some diagnostic skills who is not content leaving your dog in discomfort for a year. If she is constantly chewing on it, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out it’s not going away on it’s own and REQUIRES accurate diagnosis. Not all vets are equally capable. Find one better than the current one.

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Your dog has had an allergice reaction to something. You really need to find a vet that can help you. If one person cannot do the job, find someone else.

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