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In Iron Chef (or any other show) have they ever had blowfish as a secret ingredient?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) August 16th, 2014

Seeing blowfish is deadly poison and only a master can cut?

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Iron Chef 1993, Season 1— Episode 3

Blowfish tails were featured on Chopped #259

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As expected, both Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods) and Anthony Bourdain have tackled Fugu at one time or another.

Bourdain had the most honest take on it as he described it as “surprisingly bland”. So the secret is out.

After all the hype (and also the reality that approx. 100 people per year die from it) the risk is
hardly worth it.

Put it this way; something would have to have a reputation as the most fantastic taste sensation of the ages for me to even CONSIDER the possibility of risking my life to try it.

I can experience bland by simply eating unseasoned noodles or rice. No need to get Fugu involved :)

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I’ve had it in Japan. It is kind of a macho thing to see if the foreigner can handle it. They have a chef willing to cut a little close to the spot. Then you eat it until your mouth or lip gets a little numb. How dumb is that?!

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