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Did officer Darren Wilson's vehicle have a video camera or any other recording device?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) August 19th, 2014

I’m in no way trying to justify the killing of Michael Brown. However I’m trying to understand Josie’s story.

It’s a story which paints the officer as doing everything correctly, defending himself and ultimately shooting at someone who allegedly was charging at the officer, after the alleged physical scuffle.

Personally, I don’t believe the story. Punching an officer in the face and then getting to walk away being told to freeze and then turning around and taunting the officer and daring him to shoot? Seems like a way to paint the officer as the new victim and is just totally unrealistic over a bag of cigarillos that were allegedly paid for in some way

Also will we hear anything official from the store owner? Whether he paid or not? It seems everyone pro Officer Wilson has facts about him 100% committing strong armed robbery and they also believe 100% that Brown attacked the officer.

Maybe a better OP would be, “Why do you support Officer Wilson?” but for now, I like my OP.

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There doesn’t seem to be any police car cam or personal cam. Such video to defend the officer would have been available a week ago if it existed.

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I do not believe Darren Wilson was a trigger happy cop with a temper. Social media armchair vigilantes want us to think so.

I do not support anyone here. I feel terrible for everyone involved. We (the public) do not have all of the facts.

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If I remember correctly, aside from the CCTV showing the alleged robbery, there were three types of eye witness accounts as to what happened. No recorded footage otherwise I believe has surfaced.

The three types of eye witness account are:

1. He had his back turned and was walking away when shot from behind.
2. He was facing the officer and had his hands up in the air as if yielding when shot.
3. He was charging the officer when he was shot.

To try and get the truth, as I understand – I have not followed this case that closely, the family paid themselves for an autopsy from an independent source. The autopsy revealed that A) he was shot from the front, B) one of the wounds was in his arm entering from the top of the bicep rather than the side which implies his arms weren’t held up in the air as if yielding. There were probably some other details, but with that evidence (assuming it’s not bs) and those three different types of eye witness accounts, I am a bit inclined to believe the charging story. Could be totally wrong, guess we’ll all just see how this pans out.

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@Winter_Pariah I agree I hope the investigation provides hard evidence so we can all make a true decision on which to believe. I personally have trouble believing cops because they “see” what they see as the truth.

I once was pulled over because I was driving with my right hand to my head while I had my elbow on the passenger top head seat. The officer claimed I had my cell phone to my head while casually driving. Couldn’t be further from the truth! I was in a hurry actually to get to my then gf’s house but for some reason I developed that hobby of hand to the side of my head.

Anyways I was too nervous to defend myself in court and loss my case because the judge thought I was lying because while I was being pulled over I asked the officer if I could call my gf to tell her I would be late because of the traffic stop. He said it was fine to call. The judge didn’t believe I had to look at my cell phone to check the time and call because he said I should’ve had an LCD screen on my dashboard displaying my time and he asked for the year of my car. He was correct there was an LCD screen, a smashed in LCD screen that no longer did the job.

I was out 160$ and for a college student with barely “extra” income, it was a quite a huge blow to me then.

I lost on the cops word, and what most don’t realize this is how it is the court room. If this happened to me with a cell phone. I can imagine the judge taking a cops word for it, happening to thousands of others for God knows what

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No, The Ferguson police chief said they purchased two dash cams and two body cameras this spring, but the department didn’t have the money to install them link

There are now a dozen witnesses who make the same claim as Josie.

Also, the autopsy determined Michael Brown had marijuana in his system when he was shot.

Furthermore, from the 6 shots that were fired, 4 were in Michael Brown’s right arm, 1 in his forehead and 1 went in at the top of his head which indicates that Michael Brown was either giving up or that he was rushing toward the officer as the witnesses claim.

Those who performed the autopsy didn’t have access to Michael Brown’s clothes yet to check for gunpowder residue which would show the distance between the officer and brown.

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The Ferguson police chief said they purchased two dash cams and two body cameras this spring, but the department didn’t have the money to install them
They did not have the money to buy some duct tape, eh.
They are criminals who do not want to be exposed as such.

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