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Is it normal and quite common for an 82 year old man to do this?

Asked by Aster (19874points) August 22nd, 2014

My best friend married a man over ten years older than she is. He likes to sit on a bench overlooking the ocean to stare at the “bathers” as he calls them then email her and tell her what he’s doing.
Normal? She doesn’t appear to mind it but he has her car.

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No harm. He’s enjoying life and the view.

Is it normal? What does normal mean these days? Who is to say what’s normal? It sounds like this 82 year old guy likes looking a pretty girls. What could be more normal than that?

More power to him. And if the wife is OK with it, even better. The way I see it, everybody’s happy.

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He’s apparently enjoying himself and doing no one harm. I say, good for him!

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Did I miss something? What does her car have to do with this?

Yeah, pretty normal. Sometimes I like to sit quietly and watch people enjoying themselves.
But I have my own car.

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Well, he IS 82.

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Why doesn’t she drop him off an dpcik him up?

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Why doesn’t she offer to go with him? They can actually walk and talk to each other!

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It sounds weird to me. He goes to the beach so he can call her to tell her he’s watching scantily clad women? Who does that?

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What is the problem here? And what is normal? What does it mean?

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@LuckyGuy `She had been going with him. Then she had foot surgery and has not driven in two months. A few years ago he wrecked his car so he has been using her car. She resents it because she expected him to buy himself a new car after the wreck (he is quite wealthy). Instead, he bought a used Moped which has been impounded. He took care of her for a couple weeks after her surgery but then he took off for their beach house seventy five miles away and just emails her. She has just now been able to give up her walker most of the time and shuffles around the house alone while he basks in the beauty of ocean, sand and women. He is coming home soon to do the grocery shopping then will probably leave again. In other words, she’s home bound while he’s on the move in her car. I think most 82 year old men are either dead or in assisted living so I do applaud him in some ways and want him to enjoy himself.
I call , “dead or in assisted living” normal for a male of his age. I know I’m alone in this opinion.

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It doesn’t sound like the “bather watching” is the biggest problem here.

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If she wants to be with him or wants him to stop using her car, or taking her car and staying away for extended periods, she needs to verbalize that. If she doesn’t say “stop,” he is not going to know it’s an issue. Is there a reason why she doesn’t speak up for herself? Or is she one who likes to not speak up and then just complain?

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