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How do you handle negotiating a job offer where there is no job description and no salary range defined on paper in advance?

Asked by chinchin31 (1632points) August 22nd, 2014

In all the jobs I have gone for in the past, the salary and job description was more or less outlined upfront before I even went to the interview.

However I have recently encountered a few jobs where there is no job description or salary expectation outlined up front.

I do not feel comfortable saying my salary expectations up front in such a situation. I find it sneaky.

I think in such a case the employer should state his expectations and then we should discuss.

What do you think ?

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I’d play the game with him. Submit a fantastically high salary requirement for the expected fantastically high expectations. But don’t do it as satire, or a joke or biting commentary on his method of hiring; do it straight up: “I’m going to deliver this and you’re going to pay me that.”

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They say one should never state their salary expectation up front. Supposedly the one who goes first loses. That seems like a stupid game to me.
Do homework beforehand so you know what that position should pay in your area. Then make a range and present that. Make it high.

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GO to the interview, talk about the job, tell them what you want for that job. Salaried jobs are often more work hours.

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At the interview is where the employer should tell you what the job entails. I wouldn’t expect to be asked to discuss salary without some idea of what the job entails.

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