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What does it mean when the love of your life appears in your dreams and you lose all control and literally attack her like an animal after inviting her in your home? Does this mean if I was left alone with her I can't trust myself?

Asked by DreamAnalyzer (4points) August 23rd, 2014

I recently moved to a new state 8 hours away from my own and for about the last 3 or 4 months I keep having this dream and I’m planning on moving back she is a good friend how I love but she’s with a friend how has a little bit too much trust if my fears are well founded. I just want to make sure that I can trust myself around her and my best friend can too.

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No. It was just a dream. There’s no secret meaning. You’re infatuated with this girl, clearly, and the dream was a result of you thinking of her a lot.

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Think of your dreams as a fitting room. Or, rather, every fitting room, of every depertment sture, boutique, costume shop worldwide. When the body is resting, the mind has opportunity to shop, play rest.
Sometimes your dreams are a way to try things on, see how they fit. Sometimes your dreams are a way of working through problems, such as; if this makes my butt look big? what look is slimming? Maybe I should jut go with it, and not care if my butt looks big.
Sometimes we are just being goofy or downright crazy because, well, it is only a fitting room, why not? Nobody else will see.
Sometimes, you are putting others into a fitting room of their own, to see ho these two outfits go together at a party.
It sounds to me as though you went to a costume shop, dragging this girl along. Insisting she try some cray cray stuff too.
The dream means little to your waken state; only that you dared to go somewhere in your sleep and try something on, just for the heck of itThere is no reason to be concerned about any deep, underlying creep tendencies, either on your part, or hers. It would be a problem if you bought the costume, and chose to wear it all the time.
Next dream, try on that gray/green thing you were loking at before. I like that on you. :- )

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It means you were sleeping.

There is absolutely zero correlation between dreams and real life.

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