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What rainy, drizzly, gray city are you in love with and why?

Asked by Aster (18198points) August 23rd, 2014

Are you mad over Portland or Seattle? Why? Or is there another city that mists most of the time you can’t live without? Or which rainy city do you hate?

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Portland. Beer.

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A foggy day
in London town
it had me low
and it had me down

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I love San Francisco, which is misty and foggy all summer.

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@marinelife I was told the fog lifts by ten a.m. in San Francisco? I loved it too.

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@Aster Yes, I was just there and the fog did lift by mid-morning.

I love both San Francisco which is foggy and gray in the summer and Paris which is foggy and gray in the winter because they are the places where my sons and grandsons live.

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I like both cities, Portland and Seattle, but I lived in Portland for over a decade, in my youth, went to college there and have returned several times in the past 5 years so I have to say Portland though I don’t think I could live there again. I’m afraid I would end up violently assaulting some poor bicyclist who was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I like San Francisco too. I lived there for a year, a long time ago also. Seattle I’ve visited many times but not at all recently. Vancouver, B.C. is a lovely city too.

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Yes; Vancouver is terrific !!

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My daughter lives in Squamish, BC., about an hour N. of Vancouver. She finds the grayness, fog and drizzle tough sometimes and will jump on a plane to Sedona, AZ. for heat, duat and red rock canyons. it is very beautiful in Squamish however, on the way to Whistler, where the 2012 Winter Olympics took place,

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For the sake of discretion, I won’t mention who misspelled 2010. ;-)

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The persistence of fog in San Francisco all depends on what part of town one is in. It can be absolutely gorgeous and warm and shirt sleeve/outside dining weather at the Ferry Building on the Bay, and 20 degrees cooler jacket wearing fog and wind 5 miles across town at the beach.

I’ve been to Portland twice in the last year, I really like it and I’m even thinking about retiring there. And Seattle and the coast line of Washington intrigue me too.

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I’ve only been to two rainy cities: Seattle and Orlando. I fell head over heels for Seattle. I would live there, or a neighboring city, in a heartbeat if I could land a decent job. Orlando’s weather isn’t for me. Hot, sticky rain is not my preference.

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I love Portland and Seattle. The low cloud cover all winter was very depressing though.

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Morro Bay, CA. I lived there for three months and fell in love with it. I remember most mornings being foggy. It’s my favorite California coastal town. I love it because of this and I also love the sound of fog horns.

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@cookieman “London”

Wasn’t the famous, so-called “London fog” really smog from coal and coal-gas pollution?

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^^ Good question. I do not know. @ucme, where are you??

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Manchester. It’s the city I live in and I love it because there’s so much to do here, it’s vibrant, diverse and sufficiently LGBT-friendly that I can safely be myself.

And yes, London “fog” was smog, not fog.

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Learn to embrace the clouds. I wake up every morning with a list of things I should go to the post office to mail. A quick glance out the window and rain. Perfect excuse to to drink tea and watch a movie instead. I barely ever get anything done if it doesn’t involve a keyboard.

However, the Oregon summers are glorious. All one month of them.

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@johnpowell LOL. That’s one of the reasons I loved living in Portland. “Oh, darn, is it raining!!? What a shame. I guess I’ll just have to stay in and read or maybe catch a movie.” :-)

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A lot of people have been saying Portland, Oregon. So, I’m going with Cannon Beach. I really mean any part of the Oregon Coast, but that’s my favorite. I love it when it rains at the beach because it’s a totally different scent and atmosphere when it rains there. The sound of the waves mixed with the rain is VERY relaxing. Pretty much every mix I have on my Ambiance app is just a variation with those two sounds at the core.

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Tacoma. The clouds and drizzle are like free air conditioning. It cleans the air, cools and protects the skin from the Sun’s harmful rays. Eureka California is also nice.

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London. It’s the greatest city on earth. Whatever the weather.

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