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Does wireless charging (cellphones) really work?

Asked by elbanditoroso (31337points) August 25th, 2014

Anyone have any real experience with wireless charging?

I have been reading about it – the Qi brand seems to be the most frequently mentioned, but there are others. Theoretically it’s supposed to be wonderful since you don’t need to hassle with USB connectors and cables.

Does anyone use wireless charging? What’s you experience?

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I used the Palm Touchstone many years ago, and it worked really well. Fast and reliable. It used magnets to help align the phone with the charger. I don’t think the Qi charges have magnets for alignment.

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I use a TYLT VÜ, a QI compatible charger, it works great. I have an OtterBox case (extra thick for shock and jolts). They’re not cheap but I have had good service.

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@Tropical_Willie – good nfo. i think i’m going to buy one. Easier than finding the cable…

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Wireless charging is an old technology with a couple of drawbacks. Mainly it’s really lossy and inefficient. It’s essentially just a transformer with one coil on the power source and the other on the device. It does work but probably will not charge as fast as a direct connection

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