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Do any of you guys have blogs?

Asked by elchoopanebre (3079points) July 8th, 2008

I would love to see them if you do.

I just made one myself.

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@Breefield Nice one!

Your blog is so good-looking, it makes me feel inadequate.

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I’ve kinda included 3 of them on my website
– and btw, it’s a work in progress, I know it’s not as neat as it could be yet…!

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The only blog I own that’s running quite well is my Xubuntu Blog, but I really need to write another post for that sometime soon because it’s slowly dying.

That’s because I’m working on my own website but a bug is currently preventing it from working correctly, so I can’t blog there yet :(

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Design : most regular postings by far
Online business networking : irregular postings
Innovation : rare postings

I have a journal blog too but that’s off-limits.

I also maintain blogs for a couple of friends and my sister. I love blogging. And I’m on Flickr , LinkedIn , Facebook regularly. Some Orkut too but rare.

Where’s the link to your blog?

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dammit, @bree!

Now how am I supposed to use my RSS Feed Reader on what is such a visually engaging and fun-for-the-eyes blog?

I mean seriously. How I ever get any work done is simply amazing to me.

I think I’ll just stick to posting news/photos/links to my Facebook profile. And pine away wishing my blogs looked so cool. And also that they contained pithy goodness like @pupntaco’s.

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In a state of perpetual updates: my flickr photostream

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Mine – not updated for ages, but going to get back on the bandwagon soon…

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@Magnus: you don’t have to be named SofaKing on Mario Kart Wii do you? Because there’s a guy on there named SofaKing who’s absurdly awesome.

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nah, he dont have the wii?

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wilhelm knows me…

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