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Can mydoctor mail a filled narcotic prescription from michigan to california?

Asked by trgrantme (1points) August 26th, 2014

Can my doctor mail me a prescribed narcotic medication to california

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The pharmacist can depending on what the medication is, but not certain schedule drugs.

Best thing to get a refill is to find a Dr. wherever you are in California, have the Doctor consult with your Doctor in Michigan. They’ll verify dosage, when your last scrip was, and what you need until you are back in Michigan.

Does your Michigan pharmacy have an affiliate in California? If you have any refills,due they may be able to send it through their own network.

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If it’s a still valid prescription (ie: not expired or out of refills) then most likely you can simply find a local pharmacy willing to fill it as long as they can contact your pharmacy in Michigan to verify the prescription.

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This is from the USPS website:

453.31 Controlled Substances

If the distribution of a controlled substance is unlawful under 21 U.S.C. 801 or any implementing regulation in 21 CFR 1300, then the mailing of the substance is also unlawful under 18 U.S.C. 1716.

Controlled substances and drugs that contain controlled substances are acceptable in the domestic mail only under the following conditions:

a.For mailable controlled substances, generally both the mailer and addressee must meet either of the following conditions:

1.Be registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

2.Be exempted from DEA registration, such as military, civil defense, and law enforcement personnel, in performing official duties.

b.For prescription medicines containing mailable narcotic drugs (controlled substances), when mailed by drug manufacturers or their registered agents, pharmacies, medical practitioners, or other authorized dispensers as permitted by 21 CFR 1307.12 or in compliance with any regulation of the Food and Drug Administration or other applicable law.

You’d satisfy the 1st paragraph because your medications would be legally prescribed, not an unlawful distribution. Item a seems to be a problem, though. Although your physician is registered with the DEA, you’re not.

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