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Is your life "going somewhere"?

Asked by longgone (12851points) August 26th, 2014

Are you climbing up any career ladders? Trying to have children? Getting married?

Where is your life moving – is it moving at all? Or have you settled down, satisfied for now?

My life is moving, but slowly. Very slowly. While I’m busy and happy most of the time, I do get frustrated by that on occasion.

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Right here.

Starting here.

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I’ve aged beyond the career ladder stage, now it’s a matter of staying employed for another 8 to 10 years so I can get the kids through school and then retire.

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2.2 kids a wife and a home. I will be a writer of books on different subjects.

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My life goes where I go. It is my life and I take it everywhere.

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It’s going somewhere. Couldn’t tell you were exactly, but it’s going somewhere. Could be going to champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Could be going to Hell in a handbasket. I really couldn’t say.

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@Darth_Algar is being guillotined where the phrase going to Hell in a handbasket come from?

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I’m approaching middle age, mid-career and feel somewhat stagnant. Storm clouds are on the horizon and it smells like rain in the air.

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I’Ve accomplished my goals mostly. home, cars paid off, IRA, 401k, good marriage. I guess I’m settled & happy.

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The journey is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

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I don’t know where it is going, but I’m sure it is heading to the grave ~

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Not really but that’s the way I like it. Climbing a career ladder is not for me…I like to have time off when I want it, enjoy a job that is profitable yet fun, and allows me to spend most summers exploring the desert. Careers do not work with that type of mentality, so I am not interested in one. I am extremely content, living with my boyfriend and our cats, camping when possible, getting outdoors as much as I can. For me that is the goal.

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I just started my master’s in speech pathology. Which is exciting but it’s too exciting. I always have one million meetings or little tasks aside from my classes. Right now I need to figure out my gas bill which my agent never explained to me, figure out why I haven’t received my internet bill, call the person who handles medical records at my university because despite turning it all in it isn’t showing up on my official records and I can’t see clients until it is, buy more clothes for my clinicals, find a part-time job, find 6 people to perform audiological tests on in a city I don’t know with classmates I don’t know but who all know each other, go to five hundred meetings, and classes and do my homework, it’s driving me crazy.

Just a month ago I wwas stressed but still had moments to breathe.

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In January I plan on retiring from a career that has lasted continually for the last 37 years. I’m looking forward to becoming a kahuna and living happily ever after. HA!

By the way I remember way back when I was in college a janitor asked me if I will never amount to anything. Well I can’t say that I have really amounted to anything big but certainly have done him one better. HA!

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Yeah so far so good, fairly healthy, the wife and myself, everything bought and paid for owe no one,have a four day weekend every weekend, except for being a bit over weight doing alright.

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I think I am supposed to be heading to the retirement phase of my life. I’m 51 nearly 52. I say bugger that, I am not retiring. I am starting a new career and studying to do so. I am also running several other different projects that could turn into successful careers on their own. I am going to be a grandmother soon, and my grandchild is going to be born in the USA. I need to save up to get there to see her. I say her, as I have a feeling it is a girl! Despite all of this going on and having just moved countries a year ago, I feel like my life is not moving fast enough, I have not achieved enough and I’m frustrated too!!

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