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What are some alternative food sources for cats that no longer will eat dry food?

Asked by FelixOscar (4points) August 26th, 2014

My 16 year old cat no longer eats his dry food – I feed him wet food but is there some food like Tender Vittles I could get for him – he is getting thin.He is on thyroid medicine (hypo) and is showing signs of arthritis.

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I’m sure your vet can recommend something. Probably something beginning with “Hill’s” and ending in “science diet”. In all seriousness though, how often are you feeding him the wet food? You might need to feed him more often. Also, have you had him checked to see if he might be having dental problems?

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Thyroid conditions lead to weight loss as well as heart failure ultimately.
When was the last time he was seen by your vet?
You can try to tempt him with baby food meats, fresh cooked chicken and beef, scrambled eggs, or semi-moist cat food but at his advanced age and condition you will, most likely, not see any weight gain.
His kidneys could be failing as well at his age.

I lost my 15 yr. old cat to Thyroid disease and subsequent heart failure a few years ago. All you can do is keep up on his health checkups and monitor his condition. Poor old guy.
Vomiting is common too with his issues, another negative of Thyroid disease.

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I have a 12 year old cat with a hyperactive thyroid. (I think it’s hyper—his thyroid was producing too much and he became very thin, couldn’t retain food)....anyhow, he is on meds and at one point around a year ago he decided he was not going to eat his dry cat food anymore. He would eat it here and there cause he had to eat something, and his stomach is too touchy for wet food so there were no other options. About a week into this eating protest I decided to go to the pet store and see what I could find…..I bought him a very nice and expensive food called “special”’s for cats with sensitive systems and it is made by Royal Canin. We haven’t looked back since. It is easier for them to chew and digest and though it doesn’t specify this it seems to be targeted toward older cats or cats with problems.

Good luck with your kitty :) :)

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Have you tried Fancy Feast canned food? They didn’t nickname is “Kitty Crack” for nothing.

When my cat was having kidney problems, this was the only thing I could tempt her with and it kept her alive for about an extra 9 months or

As mentioned also tho, you should get kitty to the vet to figure out why his appetite is so poor. Don’t necessarily assume what it is. Let the vet check him out.

But give the Fancy Feast a try. It comes in so many different styles and flavors. Usually the Pate style is what most cats like.

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What brand of cat food are you feeding your cat? I have always had good luck with Purina Cat Chow.

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Purina Cat Chow is dried kibble.

The OP stated that the cat will no longer eat dried food.

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@Buttonstc True. But if the OP is feeding the cat crap dry food, it could be a reason.

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