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Am I overweight?

Asked by LaceyHamilton (99points) September 1st, 2014

I am 13 years old, and I am 60 inches tall. I weigh from 89–93 pounds. I took a BMI calculator thingy online, and it said I was overweight. Am I? I just wanted a second persons opinion :) Thanks.

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That sure doesn’t sound overweight to me. According to your figures I just put into this one, at 93 lbs you are underweight.

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Not at all!

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God no. You’re fine. Those BMI indexes are way too restrictive. If you’re a bit muscular you’ll show up as obese. Give me break.

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You clearly used the BMI calculator incorrectly. You’re actually underweight according to your BMI.

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Not even close! When I was 14, I too was 60 inches tall. I weighed 100 pounds. I was certainly not overweight.

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No, you are not overweight. Plus you are 13, your body is changing and will continue to change for the next four or five years and more.

What’s weird about body changes is that everyone changes in different shapes and rates. SO some girls get “chubby” in middle school, then grow four inches! And other girls groom four or five inches, look really skinny, then put on weight to be healthy looking again.

You ought to be seeing a doctor once a year for a physical, let your doctor tell you if you are overweight or underweight, otherwise don’t worry one way or the other.

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You actually might be slightly underweight by 5 or 6 pounds. No big deal though, you’re probably still growing

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100 pounds is considered the average weight for 60 inches, and that is just an average. Even five pounds over that would not be overweight.

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Sigh. If you eat in a healthy way 90% of the time and exercise regularly, your weight will be what it will be. Please don’t look at charts, models, calculators, advertisements, studies sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and whatever else could give you a skewed idea of what you “should” weigh. Focus on being healthy (in terms of things like cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc.) and throw away your scale.

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@JLeslie Average? I think you mean ideal.

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You are actually underweight You are supposed to weigh between 95 and 128 pounds.

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Sounds underweight to me ! and at 13 you have plenty of time to either lose or gain. don’t worry so much about your weight, worry more about eating healthy and being active, not just for looks but for your health (:

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I highly doubt a BMI machine will say, “Overweight.”

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@livelaughlove21 I meant it was an average within the ideal range, but yes, ideal. Your point is well taken considering average is not a good word to use regarding weight in America today. Average can mean statistically average, average normal, and just too many ways to interpret it.

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Thank you guys :)

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Nope. It sounds like you have a cute figure for your age. I photograph many young actresses with your similar proportions.

BTW… I’m so old we used to translate 60” into its proper form of 5’ tall. But we were crazy back then, practically destroying the world for smart teenagers like you.

Here’s an idea. Take a little bit of that mental energy spent upon wondering how you look, and turn it into brilliant ideas for how to save the planet and society. We’re gonna need smart minds like yours to set things right. Sorry I left a mess for you.

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The US Center for Disease Control calculator says 95 to 128 pounds is healthy weight range.
Did you figure out what you did incorrectly? Is it possible you wrote 50 inches when you meant to write 5 feet 0 inches? Results .

That’s an example of why we should move to the Metric System.

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