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Do you know where I can see the posts I like on Google+ ?

Asked by dina_didi (1276points) September 12th, 2014

The last week I created a Google+ profile and I can’t find the posts I clicked +1 on. Do you know if I can find them?

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Go to your profile and click on the plus-1’s tab. You can also choose whether or not to show this tab on your profile by going to the Google+ settings.

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I do it but it shows nothing. I have clicked +1 in many posts (most of them public) but it seems like there is nothing…

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Sorry, @dina_didi. I’m not sure I can help. You’re right. I had never plus1 anything before, so I wasn’t surprised that my plus1 tab was empty. But I just did a plus1 and it did not show up on that tab. Not sure what’s going on. It’s possible from some quick research that the plus1 tab is for websites that you plus1, not Google+ posts.

This might be helpful (maybe).

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Is this in google or google chrome?

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No problem @hominid. This was a logical assumption. And thanks for the link, it helps a lot! @Adirondackwannabe when you are creating a google account you have a google+ profile, a YouTube channel, Gmail ect. The one I am talking about is my google+ profile

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@dina_didi Okay, got it. Haven’t tried that.

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From what I’ve read, apparently they expected Google+ to be hugely popular (kind of a rival to Facebook) but it’s been largely underwhelming.

I think it’s about a half step away from being discontinued so I doubt they’re doing any development on particular features.

That’s my guess fwiw.

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Discontinued? That would be a huge failure for Google. The fact that most smartphones are running on Android shows that many people have a google account and they are not using their profile because they can’t find others to speak with on Google+. But your guess is not science fiction…

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