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If they sold baby formula that actually looked like breast milk, would it be successful?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42454points) September 19th, 2014

My daughter-in-law was pumping for several months after she went back to work, to provide breast milk for the baby for the sitters to use. I’d never really seen it before (I didn’t have any reason to pump) but it looks really, really watery compared to formula. Plus it had lumps in it that I at first thought were signs of clotting. I asked, and it turns out that they were fat globules. Just needed to shake the bottle up to incorporate them into the milk. Even after that it’s very thin.

So, do you think parents would buy formula that looked so thin and non-nutritious?

When we buy food, how much of our decision is based on our perceptions, rather than reality? (Just a side thought to fatten up the question. :)

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I don’t know whether it will be successful anywhere, but I doubt it will sell in my country. Many of us don’t care whether it’s good or not, just the sight of “sexual innuendo” will discourage us.

If it was sold here, I would imagine a possible scenario where the sellers were chased by angry moms and dads ~

As for the side question, when I was young I always judge products by their look, and despite repeatedly paying a price for this habit, I just couldn’t change. I try to change and now I buy products based more on reality now. But sometimes my perceptions are still influential, and I still buy some good-according-to-the-package-only products :P

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Possibly. They could package it in a dark or opaque container so no one really saw how it looked when they were purchasing it. If it came in jars that you can easily attach a nipple to, then a caregiver could just screw off the top, screw on the nipple and never get a good look. I guess the bottle would need to be transparent enough that the caregiver could easily see how much the baby had consumed.

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It would be most helpful to have the right color if the baby was doing the buying. Otherwise, no.

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I don’t remember having to shake my wife’s boobs before she fed the baby. Just sayin’.

and I would remember that!

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