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Is it possible to install Windows Phone 8 on a previously Android (Kitkat) phone?

Asked by bomyne (636points) September 21st, 2014

As I have discussed previously on Fluther, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note III that I do not like. I have decided not to sell it and just keep it as a play around phone.

I am familiar with both iOS and Android but have never tried the Windows Phone OS, so I’m wondering if it is possible to install Windows on this Galaxy Note III?

If not, What phone is a good Windows phone to get so that i can get a good feel for the operating system without costing too much?

Thank you.

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A little Googling says no, you can’t run Windows on a Samsung Galaxy Note III. There are some notes about Microsoft offering Windows to Android phone manufacturers, but it’s not a hobbyist thing.

From my own experiments, I can say that even running different flavors of Android isn’t a great option – there will be problems with something – like maybe the camera doesn’t work or battery life is terrible.

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Given how Microsoft is trying to go with one unified platform, I would think that just running Win8 at low resolution would work!

Seriously though, no, there is no real way an end-user can install WinPhone8 on an Android device… yet. There is plenty of device-specific hardware that non-OEM developers often have poor/no drivers for unless the phone maker (in your case, Samsung) shares technical info that they are not likely to share.

@jaytkay That is why I like the stable releases of Cyanogenmod; they tend to work. Releases with the flaws you mention often don’t get past the “Nightly” stage.

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That’s what I thought but as they say, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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