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Is Cartoon Network the best channel for kids?

Asked by Eggie (5865points) September 23rd, 2014

I was watching an episode of MAD and Regular Show and it had some adult issues in those episodes. It was aired during the daytime and I believe that children should not be viewing those cartoons. To me, that station did not used to have adult situations in much of their cartoons long ago so why now?

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Nick Jr and Sprout are good for kids. Cartoon Network is more adult oriented.

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Regular Show and Mad aren’t for little kids, but I think it has a rating that suggests those kinds of shows, including stuff like Adventure Time are for kids over 12 and up, it’s not really for younger viewers. I agree, it does have suggestive material that definitely aren’t suitable for little kids so it’s not the best channel for them to be watching, it has lots of other questionable shows as well. I do like RS and Mad and I’m 15 and even I agree it’s not for little kids. To answer your other question, I’m not particularly sure why they allow adult content now… umm the only explanation I can come up with is that times are changing and you can’t expect things to stay the same as they used to. Maybe they think parents are more accepting of their kids to watch shows like that and perhaps that’s the reason, because I know people who don’t care and let their kids watch lots of stuff. Even if it is supposedly for kids. It’s like the advancement of technology in a way, except in Cartoon Network’s case it’s becoming..worse? Well, definitely for you as a parent anyway.

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Cartoon network always had adult cartoons. You just didn’t catch half the jokes as a child.

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There are some pretty fricken’ weird cartoons on that network. But, just like Rocky & Bullwinkle, most of the adult stuff goes over their heads.

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Definitely not, more for kids at about 11–15, they have some pretty weird stuff there. Nick Jr., Disney Jr., are more for kids.

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So Cartoon Network is just the best place for CARTOONS…..not kids?

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yes .. they even have top quality games as well !

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My daughter has been watching Regular Show and Adventure Time for a few years now and she’s 10. She likes to watch the shows with her father.

The shows haven’t warped her sweet, innocent mind like some people might think they would. Look at her Adventure Time artwork. She did this when she was 8.

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@jonsblond That’s awesome.

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Has Cartoon Network ever claimed to be specifically for kids? And why do people assume “cartoon = kid’s programming”?

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