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Can anyone help me to find good brand computer protection eye-glasses?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2141points) September 23rd, 2014

I have to spend something like 14–16 hours a day in front of computer, tabs, mobile and other electronic stuff, would ya care to opine?
My eyes appear un-rested and there’s pain along the sides of the forehead. Too much glare of the screen is causing me to stress hard. Please help.

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You might want to look into f.lux. It will adjust your computers monitors to adjust for the time of day and it is actually pretty great at reducing eye-strain.

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My daughter had a coating put on her glasses to correct this. It reduces the frequency of her migraines. Here’s an online source for something similar. I assume you can also get these in corrective lenses:

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20–20-20 rule ! !

Every twenty minutes, stare for twenty seconds at something twenty feet away.

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