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Did Kid Rock steal from Warren Zevon?

Asked by SuperMouse (30845points) July 9th, 2008

Am I the only person who thinks this sounds exactly like this? Did Kid Rock pay Warren Zevon to lift the riff?

P.S. Thanks for the answers that made it possible for me to post this question!

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They sound identical. I guess Kid Rock thinks he can get away with it since Warren Zevon is dead.

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He didn’t steal it. He sampled it.

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Here’s the credits on the song below, it’s licensed. Don’t forget the Sweet Home Alabama, that’s in there as well. Personally I don’t like it when artists use pieces of other artist work, makes me think are you so lacking in talent you can’t come up with your own hook?

King, E./Marinell, L./Ritchie, R.J./Rossington, G./Shafer, M./VanZant, R./Wachtel, R./Zevon, W.

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Yes, simon, he did give songwriting credit. He also got permission. From Atlantic Records:

“Contains interpolations from “Werewolves Of London” written by Leroy Marinell, Robert Wachtel and Warren Zevon and published by Leadsheet Land Music (ASCAP), Tiny Tunes (ASCAP) and Zevon Music (BMI). Used by permission. All Rights Reserved.”

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I hate when artists steal the hook from other songs. Its one thing when you take a song like this for instance and remix it into this or mash up two different types of music to make something like this but like god damn at least be original and MAKE something. Dont just take their song just how it is and sing over it.

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Personally, I think Warren would dig it. Of course, he could also go “Roland” on Kid. We’ll never know if the shit would have hit the fan. Dad, get me out of this….

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thanks for the laugh sueanne ^_^

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A Virgin Radio DJ has created a mix using all three records. It’s been titled “The OC Mix” Played on Virgin Radio London, UK They mix very well and is prving veryu poular with the listeners..

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as a full time musician and song writer – I have a ton of respect for warren and what he was able to create – I think kid rock – basically is trying to sink his scrawny greasy little teeth into what ever will make him money… let’s see is he…rap…rock…. oops no – I’m Hank Williams, Jr. illegitimate son… oops no – I’m the sentimental country star opposite, Cheryl Crow… oops no.. damn.. ok let me just sample some popular shit and throw it in there…. like any bar band – go for the juglar with SweetHome and Werewolves. KID ROCK – be yourself, be real… and lets see what talent you have – stop riding on coat tails that arent yours. Warren was the real deal. he was himself… and that was what made him successful.

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When I heard it, I thought hmmm, Kid Rock has written new lyrics for Werewolves of London with a little Sweet Home Alabama tribute thrown in. I have been watching the news to see if he got permission to take Werewolves or will he get sued. It appears from some of your answers he did take/borrow Werewolves, BUT he went through the right channels. Thanks

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As others have said, ``yes.’’ Here’s some other extraneous info. Warren Zevon recorded a song called ``Play it All Night Long,’’ which also refers to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ``Sweet Home Alabama.’’ It paints an unromantic picture of Southern life, to say the least. Of course, Skynyrd’s song, itself, refers to Neil Young’s song ``Southern Man.’’ Perhaps Kid Rock feels he’s continuing in a line of call backs to other songs. If so, it’s pathetic since Kid Rock’s music in no way compares to Young, Skynyrd or Zevon.

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check out this version of PIANL:
Eat a cock, kid rock.

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Yes it’s definitely lifted from Werewolves of London. I don’t really get Kid Rock anyway. His sound is not original and he’s really not that talented and so it’s not a surprise that he would steal from a unique, original and supremely talented artist like Warren Z.

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kid rock steals all his music. carefully listen to all his songs music and you will hear it.

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