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Is there any place in San Diego I can turn my coins in for free?

Asked by simone54 (7629points) July 9th, 2008

I have big pretzel jar filled with coins. I don’t want coin star changing me 20% or whatever it is.

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You can go to any bank, ask for those cardboard collection rolls for each coin (nickel, dime, quarter, cent), organize it and they will give you cash in return for no money. Of course, you have to do some initial work yourself, but no pain no gain right? And it’s not exactly hard work either. If you have a coin sorting machine, it can sort it in those rolls for you. Walmart has coin sorting machines for 15$ i think. And it will be a long term investment.

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Some…Not all savings and loans and a few banks will sort you coins for free. Might just need to call a few. Might be worth opening a savings account with the coin…

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If anyone is interested the only one I found that was FREE was in Viejas Casino.

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Pacific Trust, if you’re an account holder. For what it’s worth, the coinstar machines here only charge 8.9%. Are you sure they charge 20% in California?

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Nah I was exaggerating.

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Unless you have an account at the particular bank you are thinking of turning the coins in at, there is usually a service charge to accept coins. They might accept a couple rolls free each time you visit your bank, but most charge to accept a larger deposit in coin. You might also think of buying your groceries at the self checkout ( most have coin acceptors ). Also some grocery stores ( Bi-Lo in the South East ) have a coinstar type machine that if you choose a store debit card there is no service fee ( you just have to use the money in the store ). Hope that helps you.

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