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Would you help us settle this mild marital disagreement were are having about turn lanes?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42445points) September 26th, 2014

We often turn right off of Main Street, onto 10th. Main Street is a 4 lane. When turning right, I move into a far right lane that I think is there as a turn lane, although it isn’t marked as such. The boundary is a solid white line, room enough for a car, but there is no arrow indicating a right turn.

There are stop lights over the road for all 4 regular lanes AND an additional stop light on a pole in front of what I think is a turn lane.
There are several streets like this, unmarked but with their own stop light. I’ve told Rick that every one else uses them as turn lanes, and he could get himself into trouble some time by turning from the regular lane and crossing across the turn lane, if someone else is there.

What say you?

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It sure sounds like a turn lane, so I am with you. It Sure as heck should be marked though. I think you should be contacting the city and asking them why it is not marked. If your husband does have an accident, I should think them being unmarked would be a good argument in court for him.

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Each lane has its own light? Then, yeah, it sounds like a turning lane.

We have a situation here, where many multi-lane streets have parking on one or both sides, and often drivers will move into and turn from that parking lane if no one is parked there. That seems pretty iffy to me, yet it’s hard to avoid it if everyone else is doing it.

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If the right-most lane is not marked as a turn lane, and the second-to-right lane is not marked with a straight arrow, then what he is doing is completely legal. The city didn’t note which lane is to be used for what, so he’s OK from the legal point of view.

Now, is it correct? Proper? Confusing? I would say that his actions are potentially dangerous (if someone came up behind) and somewhat misleading to the people behind him. But legal. At least the way you describe it.

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Never assume anything. If it isn’t marked as a turn lane, don’t use it as one.
Remember Johnston’s law! “Murphy’s law is ALWAYS in effect and it can and will affect YOU if you give fate enough opportunity.” Better to side with caution than risk fate with so many idiot drivers on the road!
Contact your local law enforcement folks to get the proper answer.

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Turn lane probably… but you’re not supposed to cross a solid white line. Get into that lane before the line turns solid. Or just waggle your car around and act so crazy that people get out of the way.

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It’s solid all the way.

I’ll call the city on Monday. I just think this is one of those situations where it’s best to do what everyone else does, even though I’m usually completely against doing that.

Thanks for the answers guys. It’s quite confusing, isn’t it. Not supposed to cross a solid white, but it has it’s own traffic light. Ahh ahh Kansas!

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They might as well put up one of these and be done with it. Otherwise, that shouldn’t be a solid line.

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OMG. Rick was right. In 12 years it’s the first time! Finally found someone who could answer the question. He said the 3rd light is there as a courtesy in case you can’t see the other lights because a semi, or some other large vehicle, is blocking your view of it.

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First time in 12 years, @Dutchess_III – truly hard to believe. There is no way that you can possibly have that high a batting average.

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