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How many guns do you have in your home?

Asked by Blondesjon (33655points) March 20th, 2009

I am currently at zero. I do have a compound bow.

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I have a left and a right bicep…. so two.

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Zero. And I plan to keep it that way.
I do have a number of medieval weapons and many, many staff weapons. :)

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I have one that I use for hunting. But it is completely disassembled and locked away. And no ammo is kept at the house. I will buy ammo when I need it. What I don’t use is dropped off at the police department.

We have three kids in the house. They don’t even know that it is here.

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I am my own weapon… i can bore you to death!

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@johnpowell: That’s the way to do it.

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None. We don’t hunt, if we did, I’d have no probably with it.
My parents only ever had one. It was my father’s rifle from his childhood. No ammo was ever in the house.

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Much to my chagrin, we own 5 and are storing one more for my step-son. I am super anti-gun, too! What can I tell you… I fell in love with a man who collects them. They are all shotguns or rifles, no handguns. He has never fired any of them, they are in a locked gun cabinet, with ammo locked elsewhere just in case there is a zombie apocalypse.

We also have several swords, a few axes, and all manner of knives. I truly do not understand his fascination with weaponry, but I love him anyway. Sigh.

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I don’t know the exact number, because I’m not the hunter and they’re all locked in the gun safe which I never go into, so I’m just gonna go with “lots.” I know my dad has at least three rifles that he hunts with, and he also has at least one BB gun and at least one pistol. He also has two bows.

We also have several swords and all manner of knives, but those are mine, because they’re pretty, and because my car sucks, so I need some way to compensate for the fact that I was born with the wrong genitalia.

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I think me and Mac would get along just fine. :)

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No guns. Please, my husband’s convinced – and probably right, that in case I ever needed to use one, I’d shot my foot. Knives…knives o’plenty. What is it with the fascination of knives? He collects knives, but is picky about the kind he collects.

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None, zip, bupkis, nada. But I’m not anti-gun. I agree with Chris Rock. Anyone who wants a gun should have one but bullets should cost $5,000 each.

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1 Beretta 96

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Zero. I’m opposed. I always figured if I couldn’t talk my way out of a dire situation, I’d be dead anyway.

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As for the talking, think of the gun as an “opinion amplifier” :)

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lol, @TaoSan. Lurve for that.

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No guns in my house, ever. Not that I have a problem with people who keep them, they’re just a bad, bad memory from my childhood and I’d like to stay as far away from them as possible.

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Goose eggs!

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Would you count a potato-gun?

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One basic “Saturday Night Special” in the house, and a Springfield XD40 with me most of the time.

Yes, I shopped at Wal Mart yesterday in spite of the text rumor, and no one even attempted to ‘make my day’

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@Divalicious What Walmart text rumor? Do you have a link?

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None, I’m brittish, we don’t have ridiculous outdated gun laws over here

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@augustlan My local paper has an article about it. Supposedly it was rumored in Illinois, Ohio, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

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Thank you… I hadn’t heard about that.

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2 handguns (1 s&w, 1 beretta), 2 shotguns, and 1 AK-47.

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We don’t own any, but I am not opposed to it in any way. If we loved in an area were hunting was very popular (or didn’t require a three hour drive) we would certainly own at least a few hunting rifles and shotguns.

I highly doubt that the right to bear arms will ever be repealed.

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Thousands, with millions of rounds of ammo, all sitting, rusting away. Most all are for sale too if you’re interested.
I might mention that they are all loaded and have never accidentally or purposely killed a human. My child and my grandchildren learned gun safety very young and knew that gramps guns were loaded, DON“T SCREW WITH THEM!! Plus, they were unaccessible to infants.

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Honestly, despite being a gun owner, I’d have no issues whatsoever if we’d finally overcome our outdated gun laws.

Every gun used illegally in a crime has once been sold legally. The solution, don’t allow handgun sales to the general public. Think Europe.

So hey, I’ll gladly turn mine in provided I can be sure they’re cracking down on ALL guns.

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OMG, I’d have to ask my husband. We have many. I was brought up around guns. My dad hunted & so does my husband. We have pistols, rifles, shot guns, on & on. They’re all locked up in a gun safe except for a 6 shot revolver (loaded) that hangs in a holster in the bedroom. I like to shoot myself. (ha, guess I’d better rephrase that) I like to shoot guns also. Our daughters were brought up around them & we put the fear of God in them to stay away from them & they did. Both of their husbands have several weapons. They’ve just always been in our family. It’s all how you were brought up, I think. It’s learning to respect a weapon & how to use them safely.

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Canuck here. No guns.

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None. I believe in the second ammendment, but my fear is that a gun in my home could somehow get used against me and my family. For example, it’s midnight, the evil man is in the house, I take out my piece and head down to the kitchen at which point I get attacked, drop the gun, and find it pointed at my own head after being snatched by the intruder. Or worse, used on my wife or kids. Pretty scary.

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I have no guns in the house because I remember, as a kid, being able to get into anything I really wanted to get into. Since the three kids I have are a lot like their dad, and I don’t have the money for a gun safe, I error on the side of caution. I would like to one day get a twelve gauge for hunting.

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I was about to say “None”, but remembered that my dad is a hunter. So, probably about three rifles.

We used to have a heavy metal pencil sharpener that was shaped like a gun. That thing was cool. It would have been handy to use to pretend there was a handgun in the house.

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In general, that is not a polite question to ask a gun owner. The answer is personal. It’s along the lines of asking how many partners have you had, or how much do you earn or asking a woman how old she is or how much she weighs, or a farmer how many acres he farms or what kind of a woman do you like?
But since this is Fluther I will answer honestly: more than the number of partners I’ve had, fewer than I earn, my age and my weight, more than my acreage, and finally, all kinds.

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Mister Dobalina, Mister Bob Dobalina

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None – G.B. law prohibits guns as should Barack Obahma – that Yankee president

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I don’t know of any President Obahma.

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Somebody give me a gun…I’m going to shoot the next typo-critic. lol

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There are supposed to be spaces between the periods in an ellipsis. . .

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^Not necessarily.

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I was just trying to be a dick. Although, they do go there sometimes.

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@Eambos Mission accomplished. . . ...and thanks for the pistol.

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No guns. No knives. No spears. No swords. No weapons.

Water guns make me nervous. If I could cut meat with a butter knife I would.

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I got a great story about a compound bow, a drunk mexican and a Houston bus at 1Am. Feel free to inquire:) BTW why the gun survey? Are you BATF coming to seize? I’m kidding I forget I know no one yet and get sassy.

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Sassy is fine for Fluther. :)

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I have a squirt gun hidden away somewhere.

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I guess I will have to offset the balance of things! I have 15 hand guns in the house. Have 3 more loaned out and just orderd an FN Five seveN

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a few, all belonging to some countrys’ military except 2 which were brand new. Those two I am certain were not involved in killing anyone. The others, well I’m not sure about, but they have been pretty well behaved since they moved in with me.

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This is the kind of question that a burglar would ask so my answer is that it is no-body’s business but would be answered should someone invade my home. It’s silly to go unarmed around here…..too many Tea Party Republicans.

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