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Is it possible for a broken piece of condom to pass through a girl's cervix?

Asked by Wine (641points) October 1st, 2014 from iPhone

My partner and I experienced condom breakage earlier this week and we were unsure if the tip split or if a piece broke off. I saw a gynecologist but due to my body type she was unable to perform a thorough search and advised that I douche to be sure. I forgot about her recommendation and had intercourse. Is it possible that if I had a piece in me that it went further in through my cervix? What should my next step be?

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Get a new gyno. Any gyno who tells you to douche isn’t worth their salt. Get a new one and get a proper exam.

don’t let “body type” be a deterrent. I was 300+ lbs and always got my annual exams no problem.

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Very unlikely, the Cervix is closed tightly unless dilating during the birthing process. Obviously watch for any irritation, discharge, foul odors and/or other symptoms but more than likely it is not in there anymore. Most likely the condom split, latex does not shred into pieces.

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No. That’s a very tiny spot to get through. Wait it out. If you start to notice something feels, smells, looks strange, then go to the ObGyn.

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Unless you just had a baby I can’t imagine anything solid accidently slipping up past your cervix. The cervical opening is small. If you are obsessing about it, just remember you’ll get your period and anything there will come out, don’t stress about it.

Douching is ridiculous advice for this concern in my opinion, but maybe your doctor just thought it might make you stop worrying over nothing.

If you begin to experience a foul order or change in discharge then that should be addressed.

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Douching is known to greatly increase the risk of infections and other vaginal problems. It completely disrupts the pH and bacterial balance in the vagina. There are medical douches available but only with a doctor’s explicit directions and care.

For a gyno to suggest that someone douche, assuming she meant “go home and douche with whatever solution you find in your neighbourhood pharmacy” is unfathomable to me. Really, that’s negligent. Very bad care.

I have also never heard of a gyno being unable to exam you, I’m assuming, due to weight. I am guessing you aren’t more than 300, right? That doctor sounds outright lazy, ignorant, and negligent. Please, please get another.

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@seekingwolf I really think the doctor just thought the OP’s concern was ridiculous. The only way to examine her for a stray piece of latex in her uteris would be to open her uteris and scope her somehow and that would have been outside of the standard of care since there probably has never been a case of loose latex in the uteris for a condom snapping.

The doctor probably assumed the OP has no idea the difference between her vagina, cervix, and uteris and just suggested the douch so she would feel she was washed out. I agree douching isn’t a good idea, but one time in a healthy vagina isn’t likely to really screw things up. I think most of the time people douche, because they already are infected. That’s a whole other problem.

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Just to clarify, I am not saying I think the OP does not know her anatomy. I am saying doctors can be very dismissive, and a lot of women don’t know their anatomy.

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Your body will expel it.

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