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What are some of your favorite things to do when it rains?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) October 1st, 2014

Once, I danced naked in the rain.

I’ve spent many an hour sitting on the porch while it rained, drinking beer. Thunderstorm/lightshow a plus.

I’ve spent many an hour watching movies in a rain darkened room. Even more hours, curled up with a good book.

I’m not a swimmer, but I love the sound of water, from the falling rain to the lapping wave. The chortle of running water.

My ode to the rain falling outside the window, a foot to the left of my head.

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Read, watch movies, sleep.

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When it rains, which it does far too rarely these days, I like to sit on my porch with my cat stretched out on my lap. He loves the rain like I do. When we both get bored with that, we nap.

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I love it when it’s raining and I’m in bed, especially at night. The rain makes the air much cooler for sleeping. And most of other noise is drowned by the rain’s sound. I sleep better with the rain’s sound, it’s more repetitive.

I like playing video games while it’s raining too. The rain kind of adds the atmosphere to the games, especially when I have to fight some monsters.

I often imagine myself and a bunch of friends gathering around a candle, in a rainy night, telling ghost stories and scaring each other. I’d love to turn that fantasy into reality. Too bad I can’t gather anyone for it :P

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Open the windows, snuggle under a blanket, and read a book (usually with several cats arrayed around me).

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Is that in order, @chyna? I think I’d be more, ‘watch a movie, have a nap, read’. (nap) :)

Sweet, @Pachy. When I was a kid one of my chief entertainment was seeing how many cats could sleep on my lap at one time. You reminded me that rain was a motivator for the cats. (I think under 12 was the limit. Their fur is too slippery, and my limbs only so long.)

YES! Just sleeping a good night in bed while it’s raining is wonderful, @Mimishu1995. Check your local social networks for “ghost stories”?

My #1, @syz. Ideal. Though I no longer have cats. Sigh.

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Sleeep… and sleep some more. I love the sound of rain as I doze off.

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Or the sound of rain, when you wake up early, @Pandora. Douse in and out.

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I like sitting on the porch/deck too unless it is 40 degrees and almost ready to snow. haha
My favorite thing is to be all cozy indoors, my siamese cat curled up under a blanket with me, watching movies and having a great smelling pot of soup or spaghetti sauce or chili going. Mmmm delightful!

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I love the sound of rain on a tin roof.

My wife’s family has a farm a couple of hours from here and several years ago we rebuilt the porch around two sides of the old farmhouse. I can sit there for hours during a rainstorm and, as @ibstubro said, drink beer and watch the light show. I have been known get up during the night and go sit outside to listen and watch.

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Living in FL I certainly don’t sit outside and watch the thunderstorms. Especially now that I am in the Tampa area, which has an incredible amount of lightening strikes.

Rain and rainstorms are two different things to me. I remember when I was little I used to love being out in the rain, catching rain on our tongues, playing in the rain. As I got older that lost its appeal. I guess I worry about my hair getting messed up and being uncomfortable if my clothes are wet. Worry is really too strng of a word, but for lack of a better one I will use it.

Rain can be the perfect excuse to catch up on sleep, catch up on DVR, and cuddle with the person you like to cuddle with if you have one of those people in your life. Although, it can also be a great alone time. Just be with yourself, work on a project. All those things work for me.

Rain for many days in a row is annoying to me. I feel robbed. One day no big deal. A short rainstorm, especially no big deal, but days and weeks of constant grey skies and rain makes me understand why Ray Bradbury wrote so much about trying to find sun domes and a child missing out on the one sunny day in years on a distant planet. Also, a problem is when it rains (not to be confused with a thunderstorm) consistently on my day off. Five Saturdays in a row of rain can be frustrating. Some parts of the US do have statistical likelihoods of having wet weekends, some even more specifically can narrow down to a high likelihood of rain on Saturdays.

Thunderstorms in FL don’t bother me during our summer season (except for my fear of the lightening). They are predictable, short, only happen for a few months, and the rest of the day is blue skies and palm trees. When I lived in TN the thunderstorms pissed me off if I was at home, because they often were accompanied by tornado warnings, and they interrupted my TV shows to track the storms.

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Swimming in a lake/the sea is at the top of my list. A walk in the woods is great, too. And afterwards, I like to get home and snuggle up in my pyjamas; happy to be dry.

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I love rain. I like to watch the rain and I love watching storms. I like rainy, dull days when you can snuggle and watch films or read books or even lie in bed and listen to the rain hitting the tin roof. I love the smell after it’s rained too. I like to listen to the sound of rain hitting leaves. Sometimes, it’s lovely to walk in the rain. Rain is wonderful!

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I can’t remember the last time it rained. (In California, we’re in the middle of a severe drought.)

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Carry on regardless, my mood/timetable is not dictated by the weather.

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Yesterday I took my obligatory walk in the rain. Granted, it was in the 70’s and only a light sprinkle and I had a nice Goretex jacket with a hood, but still I felt a lot of pleasure. And I didn’t mind periodically wiping off my glasses.

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Stay indoors and read Fluther.

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Heyy.. Lovely question.!
But i really love the rains.. I am quite a writer and i get wonderful ideas while sitting in open ( obviously with a shed !)
And penning down some emotional yet powerful poems.!
Sometimes i miss my guy and many a times the rain makes me cry as i remember him..!

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Thanks, @Sara25.

Where are you from?

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I live in india.. Well thanks for your thanks..!! @ibstubro

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Give us a short, American language poem, @Sara25?

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Ya i will surely post it tommorow..on what topic do you want it?

Response moderated (Writing Standards)
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Why, rain, of course, @Sara25.

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