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Will you get breast cancer by wearing a bra to sleep?

Asked by Palindrome (1084points) July 9th, 2008

My mom just told me some doctors were talking about it on t.v. I was like…okay??Ive been wearing a bra to sleep since i dont know when. Need An answer…Please and thank you!!

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I’m a doctor and I can tell you that there is no evidence supporting this theory. I am aware of some controversial studies and a book that make this claim, but the studies are flawed and not supported by the medical literature. For example, here is a link from a trusted breast cancer website.

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My mom falls for that too. Every week fox news says something causes cancer. Don’t worry about it.

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Nay, I say.

BTW you might be interested in ‘this

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I don’t know about breast cancer, but do you think it will help keep them perky to sleep in a bra?

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@Ava. As a scientist, I think you just spurred me to lead a clinical trial. A randomized trial of sleeping with bras versus without, a perkiness analysis. I think I’ll have to be the blinded “monitor” for the trial. Definitely.

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@shilolo, count me in on the experiment, but we’ll have to get Andrew’s approval first!

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@Shililo if you need any help with that study…

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My oncologists say that theory is rubbish. (I am a 12 yr breast cancer survivor and use only leisure or stretchy unwired bras, but for comfort. And usually sleep in them.)

Of my 130 college friends, no one has much perkiness. Those of us who still have two are happy, wherever they point.

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Another odd rumor from our dearly departed Geroge Carlin: Saliva causes stomach cancer, but only if swallowed in small amounts over long periods of time.

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