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What causes you to feel territorial?

Asked by Araphel (1675points) October 10th, 2014

This is open to ANY situation.

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Watching the deer eat the buds off my rhododendron bush.

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You threaten my family, my loved ones, or my friend and you’ll see my claws big time. Also when I played sports a lot. I hated to give up anything to the opposition.

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A stranger walking on my land without asking permission.

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When dazed and confused drivers pass my daughter’s school bus as it approaches to pick her up on the busy two-lane highway we live along.

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I’m an easy-going person and has an unlimited amount of kindness, but I never approve of anyone who take advantage of me. I’m always happy to help when you are in neeed, but never when you are lazy.

Also I don’t feel like welcoming anyone who forces me to give up what I like and like what they like. I never ask you to change, why do you?

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My dogs. They’ve been banned from the bed while we’re sleeping. They hog the space. So now they’ve been relegated back to their own beds.

I’m territorial about my home and garden. I don’t want people coming in unless I invite them in.

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* When an insect is roaming around in my abode. They are either escorted outside or receive the death penalty.

* When a rat was scampering through our back garden (attracted by the chicken coop belonging to the neighbors directly behind us). One was chased away with a broom.

* When a dog is about to pass my partner and me while out walking. He has a phobia of dogs from when he was attacked by one as a child.

* When a person invades my physical or perceived private space without permission. I once interviewed a guy, and while giving him a tour of our office, he walked so closely behind me that his chin was almost resting on my shoulder. Maybe that just falls under the category of “creepy”.

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When I pee on fire hydrants.

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When the almighty State infringes on my freedom to be, to act.

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Being at the airport hours before my flight when some last second person tries to grab my overhead compartment. I hate that…......

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Being in crowds of tall people.

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^^Must happen a lot for a penguin.

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It do, it do!

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