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When was the last time you fell on your butt?

Asked by FutureMemory (24606points) October 25th, 2014

The other night, with both hands full and standing on uneven terrain (dirty clothes on bedroom floor) I suddenly lost my balance and fell backwards – right onto my ass. I knew immediately I wasn’t injured, and the scene struck me as ridiculously funny – I think I laughed for a full minute straight. It had been a good 10 years since my last butt-accident (slipping in the shower), and I realized they happen so infrequently that others might remember theirs as well. Care to share?

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A couple weeks ago, I was moving a couch with another person. I was the one moving backward when I stepped on my own foot, and fell on my ass with the couch on top of me. Nothing injured but my ego.

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One memorable time, we were on a college tour with my older son and I slipped on icy steps leaving the library and fell right on my butt.

The last time I can remember was on a wet gangway going back to the boat on a river cruise. I was sore for several days after that.

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Shower falls are worse.

I slipped on the ice last winter. Injured my dignity and I felt really stupid, but no harm done.

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Been quite a while (touching wood).

I do remember walking down some stairs with a girlfriend and my feet slipped from under me and I landed on a step on my bum and then continued to bounce down the stairs. My girlfriend was concentrating on what she was saying and didn’t notice at first. Then she turned to look at me and had to look down, only to find me sliding down the stairs alongside her on my ass. It was funny but humiliating all at the same time.

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Last month I mis-stepped off a curb at the entrance to the service area at my car dealership and fell partially on my side, partially on my derriere. Ouchy.

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I was knocked over by a dog a couple of decades ago, I didn’t break anything but it was an extremely painful reminder I had a coccyx and something I would never wish to repeat.

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And actually fell on my butt? Several winters ago, on ice. Last time I fell down I stepped in a hidden hole in a field and ran about 30’ trying to recover before hitting the dirt. I had to laugh!

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Oh I just remembered another time too. You reminded me @kritiper. I was in the Lake District and I had silly, slippy shoes on and got out of the car to walk near Wast Water (not one of my photos). There were a lot of flattish rocks and I slipped right over and landed on my arse. I had my camera in my hand though so I held that up and managed to not drop it OR bang it on the ground. I was pretty impressed with that, but my bum hurt plus all my clothes were muddy. I had mud right up my back, and down my legs and over my bum etc. So I had to get changed behind the car door. Of course, just as I get my pants off, a car with a bunch of guys in it drove past beeping their horn (car horn) as they went. Far out. I guess I was lucky I didn’t do any serious damage or land in the lake.

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Last February I went snowshoeing in some abandoned train sheds in the Sierra. At one point I took off the snow shoes to move more quickly. Then I slipped, fell on my poles, and a handle whacked me across the face. I was bloodied but unbowed.

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When I was skiing a few years ago…

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I fell on ice about four years ago. No injury though.

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Seems to me that I wind up falling forward tripping over something more often than slipping and falling backward. This is particularly true since I abandoned those sections of the country afflicted by icy Winters. I would consider myself fortunate indeed if I could arrange all falls to result in a butt landing.

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Surfing, it happens all the time.

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Not since I started learning martial arts. It’s now instinct to fall on my side or back, in a proper break-fall. The one memorable time was when my brother pulled a chair out as I was sitting down, when we were kids. It was right before exams, so I was the only kid in the exam hall with a cushion on my chair for the next few days.

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About a month ago, that too on an escalator!

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Last winter. I stepped on a patch of ice that I thought was water. It was extremely slick. It HURT!

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Wow, it happened to me again. On trash day a few days ago I fell backwards into a bush while holding bags of trash in each hand. Poor bush was destroyed, and my legs itched for hours!

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