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I had a strange dream...

Asked by hlp922 (13points) November 4th, 2014

I had a dream about my friends/crushes older brother that I’ve never actually met, but we text anyways I had a dream that he kissed my forehead and hand. Can anyone help me interprete this?

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No big deal, you dreamed he found you nice.

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Sounds like we have a situation on unrequited love.

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Not sure if there was a typo in your question, but did you say that you text with your crush’s older brother? Maybe you sense a flirtation.

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Yes I do text my crushes older brother, he’s a friend of mine

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Have you asked him if he’s had any strange dreams about you?

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No I haven’t, and I doubt he’d tell me lol he’s pretty reserved

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Mean? It means you want kissed. Your dream wasn’t about somebody. It was about wanting to be kissed. Any random guy could have been the one in your dream. That was the guy who happened to win the coin toss.

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He was both blessing you and adoring you at the same time.

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