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Sofa, armchair, bed or behind PC? Where do you spend most of your leisure/relaxation time?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) November 7th, 2014

Where would one find you when you aren’t working? Or are you always out and about?

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Most likely, in bed, sleeping. I have very little free time when I’m awake.

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Mostly behind my PC. Next, in bed either reading or watching DVDs.

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I have very little leisure/relaxation time due to school, work, and family. The little bit I get is usually spent in my recliner with a good book.

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Behind a piano or my PC. Well, it’s actually a Mac.

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Because I have limited internet time each month, it would probably be on the sofa watching Law & Order reruns.

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Sofa, reading or watching DVDs.

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You’ll generally find this elephant either in front of my big-monitor Mac or big-screen TV.

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Playing on the computer.

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On my bed, watching hulu or netflix on my computer.

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Mix. I sit behind the PC, watch TV on the sofa and read in bed.

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My second reclining office chair using the pc. For tv, leather recliner or bed.

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On the big front porch here at the ranch. We are still having superb weather, and I am outside within minutes of waking up, in between work related stuff here all day and last thing at night.

Beautiful views, I can watch the horses in the pasture, the geese on the pond and the trees turning color. The last few nights I am out for the moon rise too.

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On the back covered porch, when it’s raining. It is very relaxing listening to the pitter patter of the rain.

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@boffin Yes, I like that too. I even go out when it is freezing, nothing like some cold fresh air to wake your butt up. haha

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I spend a lot of my leisure time on my laptop. When spring and summer arrive I spend a lot of time outdoors puttering with and caring for my flowers.

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On the couch watching Korean television shows or films.

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@FutureMemory I saw a John Wayne western in asia in mandarin. Hilarious, somehow his tossing back a few shots at the bar were just not the same. Lost in translation.

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Im all about the couch

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^^I’m all about the couch, bout the couch – no armchair!

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On the couch in my study, wrapped in a blanket. It’s supposed to be a study, but it would be more accurate to call it the room where I surf the internet. There’s also a lot of art supplies in there.

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@janbb: Ha! I wish I could give you a thousand GAs for that.

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@cookieman That song is my biggest earworm right now.

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@janbb: Me too. My daughter loves it and is shocked I like it. I had to explain to her what a 50s Doo Wop song was.

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On or in my bed. I very rarely watch TV on my actual TV set and so don’t sit on the sofas in my lounge very much. Instead, I watch catch up TV on my iPad in bed. I generally don’t finish work until 8.30 pm so it’s not so strange that my rest time is in bed more than any where else but even on days that I finish at 5pm, I am generally knackered by that point so go to bed as soon as I get in. It’s nearly 5.30pm here and I am on a break before going back to work for the last two hours of my working day and I am on my bed as I type!

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