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They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so if your avatar was spoofed would you be upset or find it offensive?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) November 12th, 2014

Disclaimer No matter how cool or innovative your avatar is, it will not be spoofed here, Fluther says verboten. My avatar is a permanent fix, and rightly so.

If someone, who had the ability to Al Yankovic spoof your avatar because they thought it very interesting, neat, innovative, or provocative, did so, would you take offense to them doing it? Or would you think it was cool they thought your avatar go great as to spoof it?

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I feel nothing. If they like it they can use it. I didn’t create my avatar after all. Its original creator was someone from the internet, and I took it, so how can I blame someone who do the same?

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The question assumes a lot. Imitation may be a form of flattery (or not), spoofing may be an insult (or not).
Having said that, I do not give a shit. The avatar is me. I can’t do anything about me as it is presented in the avatar. Not that I would anyway.

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I had an avatar that was truly mine. I was on another social website for over seven years and my avatar was unique. twice in that seven years new people would join and took my “special avatar”. all the other members would immediately private message the new member explaining how a long time member has the same avatar since joining. Both times the new member decided to pick another avatar.

I really miss that dang avatar!!! here in fluther I don’t feel that “invested” so I just took the avatar that was thrown at me when I signed up. I do know from experience that people get very attached to their avatars. especially if they used them for many years.

<sniff, sniff, now I feeling sad…...>

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Considering what my avatar is doing, it probably wouldn’t sit too well if I said I was offended by whatever someone did to it.

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@BeenThereSaidThat […twice in that seven years new people would join and took my “special avatar”.
Spoofing is like covering a song or using aspects of the avatar to create an original but similar avatar. To ”take” an avatar, to me, is you plain copy it or take a copy of it without any alteration made at all. It would be as if Weird Al would have taken Gansta Paradise and used it as-is, instead of morphing it into Amish Paradise.

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whatever. I should have passed this question by.

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I so would not care either way. I like it and that’s what counts.

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Spoof a blurry green – faced alien? They wouldn’t!
Pointing out what your question asked, specifically? Look at the pot calling kettle a cooking implement. Hm.

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No, I wouldn’t care. My avatar is a already a spoof of me.

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I was flattered when you spoofed my avatar shortly before I hit the 30k mark @Hypocrisy_Central. My avatar was similar to this at the time. It wouldn’t bother me at all.

I’ve changed my avatar so many times since I became a member almost six years ago. There are two members who now use an avatar that I used before they became members here. It’s strange seeing another member using something I once used, but the avatars are television or movie characters so I have no claim to them.

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I wouldn’t care. It’s some random picture from the internet. I don’t even like mushrooms. In fact, I quite passionately hate them.

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@hug_of_war Mushrooms are nasty, but I think the picture you chose is beautiful. =)

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Mushrooms RULE.

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It’s only an avatar for crying out loud. No it wouldn’t bother me unless they were trying to pretend that they were me and posting crap.

And if they would ever fix the flaw which prevents me from using any pic in my iPhone camera roll, I’d gladly choose another.

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I probably wouldn’t even notice & if I did, I would care not one jot.

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don’t know. Ask me when it happens.

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I’d think it was funny.

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I don’t know, my avatar is a real picture Mrs Squeeky took, guess I would have to wait and see.

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I don’t think anyone would spoof my new avatar, a bactrian camel. If they did bother, I suppose my reaction would depend on their results.

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Nobody – but nobody – steals the Penguin and lives!

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@jonsblond I was flattered when you spoofed my avatar shortly before I hit the 30k mark
Ahhh…..I remember that one, a bit of a challenge to do; to keep the flavor of the image but change it just enough to not be the same image. :-D Those were the days………

@Symbeline Mushrooms RULE.
Those are not the mushrooms we want……move along, move along…… ;-P

@janbb Nobody – but nobody – steals the Penguin and lives!
It is not that the Penguin was stolen, just that his likeness was used; “Holy quasi doppelganger Batman!”
Wasn’t your appearance Opus some time back? <sinister rub of the chin>

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No, I don’t think so. Not my nature.

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Hey, I liked that avatar you drew of me drilling that zombie head. I wish you’d still use all the ones you made.

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^ Ummmm….I recall that one. Wonder if it survived my last laptop crash. I suppose I could update it but then my avatar would not represent the present though. ;-)

Berserker's avatar

But even back then, the one you have now would have been more fitting. Not being mean, you know it’s true. XD

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I’d assume that they too like cookies quite a bit a was, therefore, good people.

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I used to enjoy your recreations of other people’s avatars and would be flattered if you ever did one of mine. You were told not to do that anymore? I can understand that but I personally enjoyed them.

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He was told not to do it anymore?

Wow, that sucks. But it explains the disappearance. :/

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I’m with @janbb Nobody steals my goose Marwyn, and yep, this just happened recently. After a friendly correspondence asking the person to give up the goose and they refused I was not a happy camper. Nothing funny about someone impersonating a long standing members pet and then becoming antagonistic when asked to stop. I decide what’s funny and flattering not somebody else deciding for me.

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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If I didn’t have one of the stock avatars, I’d be flattered. I don’t see any meanness inherent in the act, unless the imitation is so heinous as to inspire disgust in a normal person.

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@Coloma I can see nothing wrong with someone pretending to be your goose. But that last “goose” obviously wanted to attack you, that’s why I was on your side. It’s the intention that counts, not the posing act itself.

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@Coloma I’m with @janbb Nobody steals my goose Marwyn, and yep, this just happened recently.
Stealing someone’s avatar, especially if it is a real person or pet, then use it as that person or pet is a far cry from using the image as a muse for a completely different though similar image. Stealing of avatars, or even using another’s avatar complete and unchanged is not good form.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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@Coloma Just finished reading the mystery thread (which was deleted). The background story was nastier than I thought. And at least you was amused for a short time and not all furious from the beginning. If it were me I would feel nothing toward the “Stealing a persons name or pets name” part, but the rest would leave me as offended as you.

And I do wish I had been there before the thread was deleted so that I could add something :P

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Oh, good grief. A question was asked, maybe in slightly poor taste but probably not with nefarious intent, which was ignored until the “mystery” question was asked and a fuss was made. If it had simply been ignored, there would have been no fuss.
I was first responder on the original Q, and I wouldn’t have responded at all had there not been such a dramatic event of it. I imagine it would have remained orphaned for a long time.

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@canidmajor Good grief is right! What part of having some stranger coming out of the blue, posing as your pet, posting an antagonistic question of VERY POOR taste, refusing to quit impersonating another members unique pet and stealing a tag line from ones profile do you not compute as offensive?
You behave as IF your opinion matters, it does not, and I find your arrogance offputting. You are dismissed.

@Mimishu1995 Yes, the whole thing was just weird, plain and simple.

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That little speech is probably the silliest thing I have seen to date on Fluther, @Coloma.

“You are dismissed.”. Really. :-D

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Yes, really. Be the moon, remember?

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Well, it would depend on what they did with it.

On another website a member stole my avatar and a slightly modified version of my user name and was using to troll and bait and badly insult other users. But that wasn’t flattery. That was just an ass being an ass and hiding behind my skirts.

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@Dutchess_III Yes, it is one thing to be a prankster but when it comes to blatent disrespect, refusal to honor anothers feelings and disintegrates into nasty trolling a line has been crossed.

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@canidmajor I think I missed a lot of the goose story since I wasn’t on Fluther when some major events occurred. I don’t know what “Q” you are talking about, so I assumed it was something asked by the “goose” (or something closely related to him) before the mystery question. But according to @Coloma she was first amused by the goose. Then she PMed the goose and maybe kindly asked for their real identity. The goose refused and began to show more signs of an intention to attack, which led to the mystery question. And you can see that the goose repeatedly attacked @Coloma after that, in the mystery thread and in the form of the cooking question. If he had been just joking, he would have stopped after @Coloma told him to, and she had done it so many times.

I agree that @Coloma was a bit too agressive. But that goose was to blame in the first place.

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^^^^ That. Why is it always the gooses fault?

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—-^^^^ Now this is funny!—
Yep, don’t piss off a goose you’ll get bitch flapped. lol

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